Meet Carpenter Howard Malone of Santrywood Co.Meath
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Meet Carpenter Howard Malone of Santrywood Co.Meath

Discover the art of carpentry at Santrywood Co.Meath with master carpenter Howard Malone. Explore bespoke woodworking solutions for your home in Dunboyne Co. Meath.

Crafting a home that mirrors your uniqueness requires the touch of a master carpenter. Meet Howard Malone, the visionary behind Santrywood Ltd, where woodworking has become a personalised art form. Discover why Dunboyne Co. Meath homeowners turn to Santrywood for bespoke carpentry solutions.


Howard Malone: Crafting Bespoke Expression With Timber

Howard Malone, an artisan captivated by wood's beauty, sees it as more than a material for tables and shelves; it's a canvas for bespoke expression. With a carpenter joiner certification since 2008, Howard blends creativity and dedication into each joint and curve he sculpts. Beyond skill, Howard is an innovator, redefining traditional woodworking with a modern twist, constantly challenging the limits of his craft. His favourite projects are those that push his creativity, merging functionality with artistic flair to captivate the discerning eye.


Tailored Projects: Crafting Your Personal Journey

Santrywood Ltd transforms each piece of furniture into a tale of your living space. Every project is meticulously crafted to match your vision and area, ensuring that the final product isn't just an addition but an extension of your identity. From custom kitchen stories of togetherness to the poetic reflections of personal growth in your study, each Santrywood piece mirrors the essence of the homeowner.

Key Insights: Communication and attention to detail are fundamental in Howard's work. Precision is maintained in every task, following the principle of "measure twice, cut once."

Howard's advice for beginners in the industry: Establish a methodical approach with a dedication to quality for a thriving carpentry career.

Featured Project: Notable work involved creating a book unit for the An Post Irish Book Awards 2023, demonstrating dedication to excellence in every undertaking.


Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Communication is key in Howard's process. Beginning with a personalised site visit to grasp your vision, followed by a detailed quote and drawings, adjustments are made until your desires are met. Projects are meticulously crafted off-site to ensure a smooth installation with minimal disruption.

Howard Malone and his team pledge excellence from concept to installation, with your project passing through these phases:

Conceptualisation: Detailed discussions delve into your inspirations, allowing you to share photos or sketches to set the project's tone.

Custom Briefing: Precise measurements and material discussions occur at your space, refining the design to align with your expectations.

Approval and Refinement: Final drawings are shared for approval, with flexibility for adjustments to ensure your design vision is met.

Craftsmanship: The project moves to production, with each piece crafted meticulously and finished to your preference.

Seamless Installation: Santrywood’s team ensures a smooth installation process, respecting your space and delivering on time.


Testimonials: Voices of Satisfaction

Santrywood's satisfied clients echo its excellence:

"Howard is a master craftsman and a gentleman, completing work to the highest standards. Highly recommended." — Brian, Santrywood Client.



Onlinetradesmen Impact:

Howard commends the onlinetradesmen platform for showcasing their quality and creativity. Santrywood stands as a leading carpentry service on Visitors can experience the ease of browsing Santrywood's online profile to uncover why homeowners in Dunboyne Co. Meath entrust them for tailor-made carpentry solutions.


Embrace Custom Furniture

Santrywood doesn't just create furniture; it crafts experiences. Ready to embark on a carpentry journey marked by uniqueness and excellence? Connect with Santrywood today or post a job on Onlinetradesmen to find a skilled craftsman like Santrywood near you.

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