Meet Kevin Finnegan from McFinn Carpentry, Cavan
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Meet Kevin Finnegan from McFinn Carpentry, Cavan

Meet Kevin Finnegan, the skilled carpenter behind McFinn Carpentry. Discover his expertise, customer-focused approach, and advice for aspiring tradespeople.

When it comes to woodworking and construction, Kevin Finnegan of McFinn Carpentry is a dedicated professional. With over a decade of experience honing his craft, Kevin has gained a reputation and earned many 5-star ratings for delivering outstanding results and exceptional customer service.

We had the pleasure of speaking with him about his passion for carpentry and what sets McFinn Carpentry apart from the competition.

Onlinetradesmen (OLT): Hi Kevin, thanks for joining us today. Could you walk us through your background in carpentry and when you officially became qualified?

Kevin Finnegan: Certainly. I started in the world of carpentry over a decade ago, receiving my qualification in 2009. It's been a journey of continuous learning and refinement ever since.


OLT: Impressive. How long have you been at the helm of McFinn Carpentry, and what kind of projects do you find yourself immersed in?

Kevin Finnegan: I've been steering the ship at McFinn Carpentry for the past six years. My expertise spans various projects, from roofs and decking to intricate fix work. Extensions also feature prominently in my portfolio, adding a delightful diversity to my workload.


OLT: A diverse skill set indeed. Do you have a favourite type of project that particularly resonates with you?

Kevin Finnegan: I have a soft spot for decking projects. The outdoor setting, the hands-on work—it's immensely satisfying to transform a client's outdoor space into something truly special.


OLT: Your passion shines through. How do you approach your projects to ensure client satisfaction?

Kevin Finnegan: Communication is the linchpin. After completing a job, I make it a point to have a face-to-face review with the client. This personal touch not only assures them of my commitment but also allows any adjustments or concerns to be promptly addressed.


OLT: An excellent approach. Any recent project that left a lasting impression on you?

Kevin Finnegan: I recently wrapped up a challenging decking project in Blackrock. The space posed its own set of hurdles, but we managed to craft a design that delighted the client.


OLT: Overcoming challenges is always rewarding. What's the most crucial lesson you've learned during your extensive career?

Kevin Finnegan: The mantra is simple: work hard and stay dedicated to your craft. Carpentry demands constant refinement, and the commitment to learning and improving is paramount.


OLT: Wise words. How did you navigate the challenges of the recession?

Kevin Finnegan: During those tough times, I diversified into different jobs like slabbing and extensions to keep things afloat.


OLT: Adaptability in action. Any advice for those embarking on a carpentry career?

Kevin Finnegan: Work hard, invest in quality tools, and never stop refining your skills. The right equipment and continuous improvement are the keys to success.


OLT: Solid advice. Lastly, how has Onlinetradesmen contributed to your business growth?

Kevin Finnegan: Onlinetradesmen has been a game-changer. It's not just a platform for jobs; it's a networking hub that has expanded my reach and propelled the growth of McFinn Carpentry.

If you're looking for a skilled carpenter who combines craftsmanship with client satisfaction, Kevin Finnegan from McFinn Carpentry is the one for you. And for tradespeople wanting to enhance their business, Onlinetradesmen offers countless opportunities and connections. Schedule a call with our team to learn more.


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