Trade Profile - Parsons Plumbing - Dublin
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Trade Profile - Parsons Plumbing - Dublin

Meet Darren Parsons, a 23-year plumbing and heating expert. With a passion for client satisfaction and expertise in gas, bathrooms, and more, Darren is your go-to guy for solving plumbing challenges. Discover his journey today!

When it comes to plumbing and heating, Darren Parsons is a name synonymous with excellence and dedication. With 23 years of experience, he's the guy behind Parsons Plumbing - a company that's all about gas, bathrooms, oil, and anything plumbing-related.

We had a chance to chat with Darren and dive into his journey, favourite projects, and the valuable lessons he's picked up along the way.


The Beginning of a Plumbing Journey

Darren embarked on his plumbing journey 23 years ago and has been working for himself ever since. His expertise lies in a wide range of projects, including installing new heating systems, gas or oil combination boilers, full bathroom fit-outs, heat pumps, and solar installations. He prides himself on his adaptability and problem-solving skills, which allow him to tackle any plumbing challenge that comes his way.


Favourite Projects and the 'Why' Behind Them

When asked about his favourite projects, Darren's eyes light up. "Heating is my passion," he says. "There's something incredibly satisfying about installing or repairing a heating system and ensuring that my clients are warm and comfortable, especially during those bone-chilling -9-degree days." He also takes great pride in coming to the rescue when clients face dire plumbing emergencies, such as water flooding through their floors or ceilings. His commitment to helping clients navigate these crises and ensuring their satisfaction is unwavering.


Ensuring Customer Satisfaction & Memorable Projects

Darren has had numerous memorable projects over the years, including his first heat pump installation and a stunning bathroom renovation for his sister-in-law. He also recalls a particularly outstanding project in Bettys town, which he proudly mentions. These projects serve as milestones in his career, showcasing his craftsmanship and dedication to perfection. A significant turning point in Darren's career was his transition from a fitter-turner in a shipyard, to becoming a plumber and RGI gas installer. Through this journey, he learned the importance of client satisfaction. He emphasises that taking pride in one's work and promptly addressing any issues that may arise are essential for long-term success in the plumbing industry.


Surviving the Recession

During the recession, Darren faced challenges like many others in the industry. However, his diverse skill set, including gas work, allowed him to keep his business afloat. Local projects also played a vital role in keeping his business ticking over during those tough times.


Advice for Aspiring Plumbers

When asked about advice for those starting out in the trade, Darren stresses the significance of building a client base and getting your name out there. He notes that the plumbing community is close-knit and that reputation and customer service are paramount. "Keep the clients happy, and they'll keep you busy," he advises.


Onlinetradesmen: A Valuable Partner

Darren has been a member of since our early days in 2007 and praises the platform for helping him secure jobs over the years. He particularly commends the "great lads and ladies" who have been instrumental in his business growth.


Beyond Plumbing

Outside of his plumbing career, Darren has a rich and diverse life. He spent 22 years boxing at St. Mary's, kicked boxed for 7 years, plays golf in Saggart, and enjoys a game of pool.

Darren Parsons is not just a plumber; he's a dedicated craftsman and problem solver who thrives on ensuring his clients' satisfaction.

With 23 years of experience and a commitment to excellence, he continues to be a driving force in the world of plumbing and heating. Whether it's keeping clients warm on freezing days or rescuing them from plumbing disasters, Darren's passion for his work shines through, making him a true standout in his field.

You can view Darren's onlinetradesmen profile and his 5 star-ratings by clicking here. He truly deserves the recognition he's earned for his skill, expertise and customer service. So, when it comes to plumbing needs, Darren Parsons is your go-to guy! With a wide range of experience across different areas of life, Darren brings unique perspectives and innovative solutions to every project.

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