Trade Profile - Sam Kerins - GreenRooms Landscapes - Kildare
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Trade Profile - Sam Kerins - GreenRooms Landscapes - Kildare

Discover affordable garden transformations with Sam Kerins, the GreenThumb Guru at GreenRooms Landscapes. Specialising in budget-conscious solutions for four years, Sam crafts enchanting landscapes through soft landscaping and instant impact planting. Learn more about Sam and his business.

Meet Sam Kerins, the GreenThumb Guru who has the power to transform gardens with budget-friendly magic. This maestro of greenery has been weaving landscapes for four years, leaving a trail of satisfied clients and transformed gardens in his wake.


The Roots of Success

Sam Kerins entered the world of landscaping in 2021, armed with a passion for nature and a commitment to affordable beauty. His brainchild, GreenRooms Landscapes, specialises in budget-conscious landscape solutions. From quick one-day clean-ups to the enchantment of instant impact planting, Sam's expertise knows no bounds.


Sowing Seeds of Satisfaction

What sets GreenRooms apart? According to Sam, the secret lies in their favourite projects – the soft landscaping jobs. Planting, in particular, holds a special place in their green hearts. The instant transformation these projects bring to a garden is not just visually stunning; it guarantees customer satisfaction. Breathing life into old gardens is an art form for Sam and his team.


Nurturing Success: Customer Satisfaction is the Key

For Sam, the foundation of customer satisfaction is clear communication. From the project's inception, GreenRooms ensures that clients and the team share a common understanding. It's not just about delivering a service; it's about crafting dreams into reality.


Blooming Achievements: Terenure Transformation

One standout project that remains etched in GreenRooms' portfolio is the Terenure garden renovation. What was once a concrete expanse now boasts lush lawns and vibrant plantings. The transformation speaks volumes about Sam's commitment to turning urban spaces into green sanctuaries.


Lessons in Bloom: Quality is Paramount

A crucial lesson in Sam's journey has been the importance of long-term plant care. GreenRooms goes the extra mile by using only the highest quality soil, composts, and fertilizers. It's not just about leaving behind a beautiful garden; it's about ensuring it thrives with minimal maintenance.


Sage Advice for Budding Landscapers

To those embarking on a landscaping career, Sam Kerins offers sage advice: prioritize the quality of your work over profits. For him, the true joy lies in witnessing the blossoming of a well-crafted garden, a sentiment that transcends monetary gains.


Onlinetradesmen: A Growth Catalyst

GreenRooms owes part of its success to Onlinetradesmen, a platform that has been instrumental in connecting Sam with new leads. In a digital age, this online hub has proven to be a fertile ground for expanding the reach of GreenRooms Landscapes.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of landscaping, Sam Kerins emerges as a craftsman with a green thumb and a heart for affordable elegance. With GreenRooms Landscapes, he continues to sow the seeds of transformation, one garden at a time. For quality garden and landscaping services, look no further than GreenRooms Landscapes. Or to find qualified tradesmen near you, post a job with Onlinetradesmen – the perfect combination for growth. 


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