Tradesman Member Profile - Plasterer Billy Lewis
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Tradesman Member Profile - Plasterer Billy Lewis

We're talking to plasterer Bill Lewis this month. Billy's skills are in demand with property owners in Cork where he has built up a successful plastering business.

'I get great satisfaction from seeing the changes in a house or a room on a job well done.'

Billy Lewis, Plasterer


OLT: Hi Billy Let’s start with a little about you and your company

BL: Hi there, I did my apprenticeship with Vincent Cashman and qualified in 1991. I worked with major building and renovating companies and small builders for many years. I then went out on my own 15 years ago.

OLT: What kind of projects do you do?

BL: I do quite a wide range of traditional services in plastering & skimming, dry lining, rendering and screeding services.   I also do plaster moulding fabrication and repairs, perhaps including custom mouldings, in-situ moulding (for example 'running' a traditional Victorian cornice), and maybe the restoration of antique plaster ware.  I’ve a lot of expertise also in specialist plastering, for example, heat-proof plaster application around stoves and fireplaces.

OLT: That’s quite a lot of skills! Do you have a preference for any aspect of the work you do?

BL:  I really enjoy interior plastering and skimming and exterior rendering, dashing and other finishes. I get great satisfaction from seeing the changes on a house or a room on a job well done.

OLT:  How do you approach a job to ensure customer satisfaction?

BL: I am old school. I believe in a job finished to the highest standards. If the customer is happy then I am happy.   Be honest, reliable and punctual. If you say you are going to do something, do it to the best ability.

OLT: Do you have any further tips for anyone starting out in the trade? Especially with dealing with the ups and downs of the economy and past recessions.

BL: Learn as much as you can from your trade. Become skilled and looked upon as a reliable tradesman. Promote your business on a serious website like Onlinetradesmen.  Be fair on your pricing and on time on your project. You won’t go wrong!

When the work dwindled in the last recession, I kept myself busy by diversifying my work. You need to be flexible and to always be ready to improve or learn something. It helps you to bring a higher service to your client.

OLT:  You’re with Onlinetradesmen for several years. How would you say the service has helped your business?

BL: Onlinetradesmen is a good way of promoting my business and reaching a wider range of customers.  I’ve stayed in touch with previous customers and made contact with potential new ones. It’s great that they can read comments and ratings on previous jobs and know they can trust that they are hiring the right man for the job.

OLT: Great to chat with you today Billy, thanks!

BL:  Thank you!

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