Trade Business Profile - Carpenter Dublin - JD Carpentry & Building
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Trade Business Profile - Carpenter Dublin - JD Carpentry & Building

Jim Dodd's workmanship and skills have enhanced his reputation over the years.

'I get great satisfaction from meeting a challenge'

Jim Dodd, JD Carpentry


Today we're chatting to Jim Dodd, a carpenter from Dublin with over 25 years in the trade. 
Jimmy's workmanship can be seen in many well-known buildings around Dublin from the Taoiseach's office to the world famous Guinness Brewery!  

Read on to learn more on how Jim has continued upskilling in his trade as well as learning and adding to his business skills over the years. 


OLT: How long have you been working for yourself? 
JD: I qualified in 1988 and have worked for myself for the past 25 years. 

OLT: What type of projects/jobs do you do? 
JD: As a fully qualified carpenter, I do everything from door refits, kitchens, fitted bathrooms, bespoke wall panelling, bannisters, roofs, all first & second fix, bespoke wardrobes and more! 



OLT: What are your favourite projects/jobs & Why?
JD: I love doing bespoke jobs, for example, panelling. Bespoke work is always a challenge to me and I still have the passion for the work that I do and get great satisfaction from meeting a challenge.   Many jobs stand out as the end result delivered more than the client expected. 


OLT: How do you approach a job to ensure customer satisfaction? 
JD: I listen to the customer, advise and improve on their ideas, and very importantly keep their budget in mind. I try as much as possible to ensure the end result delivers more than the client expected. 

For example,  I have worked with customers who were not certain whether they wanted units or internal doors.  Showing them a detailed genuine interest, warmed them to my suggestions, ending up with a finished product they were really pleased with. 

I have numerous repeat customers and in a lot of cases have gotten to know them well. This is a very important thing as not only do they recommend me to others, we've built up a good mutual working relationship and this really helps any project run smoothly. 


OLT: Is there any project/job that you worked on that sticks out? Why?
JD:  Some memorable jobs include the panelling in the Taoiseach's office - you can see it when Leo is interviewed on tv!), the restoration of the Victorian shelters around Dun Laoghaire harbour and the flooring I installed in the Guinness Gravity bar at James' Gate.  I'm also very pleased with the work I completed in the converted Church Bar on Mary St in Dublin which was unique property to work on.  


OLT: How did you manage to stay afloat during the recession? 
JD: I kept my feet on solid ground. I also went back to college at night and got my degree in insurance loss assessing, building damage and carrying out disabled modifications to homes.  I studied for 3 to 5 years doing 4 modules a year of distance learning prior to exam dates.  Upskilling gave me new tools and knowledge but also a new perspective on running my business and I can honestly say it's paid off in the long run.

OLT: What’s the most important lesson you learnt in your career so far?
JD: Keep your feet on the ground,  don’t take anything too big on and above all don’t lose your passion to deliver the client's dream. Everything else will fall into place. 

OLT: How would you sum up what Onlinetradesmen has done for your business? 
JD: It has helped a lot and the service now gets me about 40% of my work.  The website is very useful to show my work and many new customers have commented that the Ratings on my profile were key to their decision-making in choosing me to hire for the job.

OLT: What advice would you give to someone starting out now in the trade? 
JD: As a tradesman, your service and product are only 1 of 10 things you need.  As a self-employed business owner, you need marketing, sales, project management, accountancy & PR skills which will only come with time. Years of experience have given me the ability to carry out my own bookkeeping to a meticulous level along with other admin tasks, all keeping my business fully compliant.  

Also, remember when dealing with the general public, it's a two-way street. Once you treat people fairly and with respect, you'll get the same back from them.  

Visit JD Carpentry website and check out his ratings here


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