Meet Trade Pro Donal Ennis of Silverdome Electric
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Meet Trade Pro Donal Ennis of Silverdome Electric

Discover expert electrician Donal Ennis from Silverdome Electric sharing valuable insights on customer satisfaction, business resilience, and the importance of listening to customer needs. Join the conversation and gain valuable business tips!

'Listen to the customer to make sure you really understand their needs.'

Donal Ennis, Silverdome Electric


OLT: Hi Don, Let’s start by telling us about you and how long you’re in business as an electrician.

DE: Hi,  I qualified back in 1984 and started Silverdome Electric a few years later. So I’m working for myself now for 34 years.  We carry out all types of general electrical works, and fault finding and specialise in electric showers and light fitting upgrades. More and more homeowners are seeing the benefits of installing more efficient LED fittings these days.

The shower installations are great as the customers get to see and use the shower straight away. They can immediately experience the upgrade whereas some electrical work is hidden away and not so visible to the customer.


OLT:  You’ve many returning customers and great ratings – how do you approach a job to ensure the customer is happy and leaves you an excellent rating on your profile?

DE:  I take a personal approach and that first call out to a customer is very important to discuss requirements and manage the customer expectations as to what they want or need. I need to ensure we can deliver on their wishes.  Also if I say I will be there to do a job I will always show up. If I get delayed for any reason I will phone in advance to keep the customer updated.


OLT: Any important lessons you’ve learnt over the years of being in business?

DE: Yes, most importantly you need to listen to the customer to make sure you really understand their needs. Then you can look at the suitable options and explain them for the customer. It’s vital that everyone understands the timelines and be sure we can deliver as promised.


OLT: The recession years have been tough on trade professionals – how did you manage in the last one?

DE:  It was very difficult, to be honest. We had to carefully manage what little business we had and make some hard decisions about our employees.  Managing the bank and our taxes was key to getting through it.


OLT: Have you any advice for someone starting out in their career?

DE: Just do it!! Now is the time to become an electrician - there’s a shortage of tradespeople so go for it if you think it’s for you.


OLT: And finally we’d love to know how Onlinetradesmen has helped your business since you joined in 2010?

DE: First of all I’d say it helps with getting work of course, which gives great security and peace of mind. Secondly, it really helps with marketing which most tradesmen are not great at.


OLT: Great to talk to you today Don, we're delighted to have you as a member of Onlinetradesmen - keep up the great work! 

Visit Silverdome Electric profile and view their customer ratings.

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