Meet Dublin Builder Frank Bohan of LCF Demense
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Meet Dublin Builder Frank Bohan of LCF Demense

Frank Bohan gives us insight into his business, his outlook and how he delivers for his customers.

'I treat the project as if I am constructing it for myself to give it the care and attention it deserves.'

Frank Bohan, LCF Demense


OLT: Hi Frank,  tell us a bit about your company, LCF Demense Ltd.
FB: Hi, well I qualified in 1985 and decided to go out on my own 9 years ago, setting up LCF Demense.

OLT: What type of projects/jobs do you carry out at LCF Demense? 
FB: Everything in general construction from new homes and extensions to renovations and attic conversions.

OLT: Are there any favourite types of projects? 
FB: My favourite projects are probably extensions where the newly extended property looks so much better than the original and you the joy and satisfaction are evident from the client. That’s a great feeling.

OLT: We can see there are lots of great photos showcasing some of the house extensions you’ve completed on your Member profile.  
FB: Yes, it’s a good way to show potential customers examples of work we’ve completed and it’s quick and easy to update the photos.

OLT: Are there any projects in particular that stand out?
FB: There are quite a few but two stand out:

1) A reconstruction of an old partly listed house in Clontarf, because of the way the Project seemed to rise like a Phoenix out of basically a pile of rubble and the complete joy on the Owners face upon completion.

2)The second is an extension in Cabinteely where the owner, on being close to retirement, wanted the new addition to give the impression of being an extension of his well-manicured garden into the living space.

OLT:   They sound like special projects alright.  You mentioned how important is to you to see the joy and satisfaction in your customers when you’ve finished a job. Any tips on ensuring customer satisfaction on a job? 
FB: I am "Hands-on" myself, in that I am on the project myself and I treat the project as if I am constructing it for myself to give it the care and attention it deserves.

OLT:  What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?  
FB: If you are passionate about what you do, it will show in the quality of your work and your clients will appreciate that.
OLT: Do you have any advice for someone starting now in the trade? 
FB:  Give it your best shot, be passionate and enjoy what you are doing!

OLT: You clearly love what you do Frank! But I’m sure there have been some challenges along the way such as the last recession – how did you get through it? 
FB: One word - diversification.   We had to carry out projects that were difficult and not extremely financially rewarding, but they kept the wolf from the door and kept our Company profile in good stead.

OLT: And finally Frank, one last question -  you’ve been a member of Onlinetradesmen since 2013. How would you say that OnlineTradesmen helped your business? 
It has got us plenty of work, especially in tough times, and has also got us a lot of referral work.

OLT: Great to catch up Frank.  We look forward to seeing more photos of your amazing house extensions!
FB: Thanks, great to talk with you too, we are as passionate as ever about what we do and looking forward to some really interesting projects in the near future.

You can learn more about  LCF Demense and check out Franks’s profile here


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