Tradesman Member Profile - Joe Folliard - Tiler
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Tradesman Member Profile - Joe Folliard - Tiler

Joe Folliard tells us about his business and how Onlinetradesmen has supported him throughout the years.

'Onlinetrademen is the backbone of my business for years

Joe Folliard, Tiler

OLT: Hi Joe, let’s start by telling us a bit about your business.

JF:.I’m a tiler by trade and started Joe Folliard Tiling 22 years ago in 1998. We cover Mayo, Galway, Sligo and Roscommon offering all domestic/residential tiling and flooring services. I’ve built up a great team with a carpenter, electrician and plumber on board. 

OLT: Do you have any preferred projects or types of work?

JF: Bathroom renovations would be my preferred type of job and with my team, we can take care of everything from the plumbing to electrics and carpentry that’s required.  There’s great satisfaction in seeing the end result and having a happy customer.  In some cases, it can be quite a life changing for example with an older customer who can remain in their own home as you’ve made their bathroom more accessible. 

OLT: Speaking of happy customers, you’ve built up excellent ratings since you joined Onlinetradesmen in 2014. What would you say is key to getting those ratings? 

JF: Yes, I believe personal attention goes a long way to ensuring the customer is happy with the end result. I’m on the job at all times from start to finish.  Being on time is important too, people have busy lives and keeping to a schedule is appreciated by customers. 

OLT: I’d imagine you get a lot of repeat customers.

JF: Yes, I get a lot of repeat business for example this week I’m working on a project for a previous customer. I did a job for her 2 years ago and I’m now doing a job in her new house. 

OLT: How did you get through the last recession?

JF:. Being based in Mayo, work close to home was harder to come by so I travelled to wherever the work was. I got a contract for 200 apartments in Dublin through the Onlinetradesmen service and that really got me back on track.   Thankfully now having built up a successful business, I now know I’ve a solid customer base throughout Connaught.  

OLT: Have you any advice for someone starting out now?

JF:  I would say stick to your business plan, know what your goal is and aim for that! Don’t get sidetracked or let anyone or anything get you down. If anything goes wrong, learn from it and move on. 

OLT:  And finally, last question, what would you say OnlineTradesmen has done for your business?

JF: Onlinetrademen is the backbone of my business for years, thank you.  I’ve seen a great return on investment over the years. There’s a steady flow of job leads and repeat business, thanks for your help. 

OLT: Thank you, Joe!

Check out Joe's Member Profile to view his excellent ratings and get in touch with Joe.

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