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4 Business Goals Tradesmen Can Achieve In 2021

4 Business Goals Tradesmen Can Achieve In 2021

Tips to growing your business

In 2021, Brexit and COVID setbacks continue to represent the biggest threat to the Irish construction and home improvement sector and present many challenges for tradesmen and trade professionals alike.

However, even though you might be facing a tough year, there are four business goals you can achieve to help grow your business while keeping you motivated and energised in 2021.


1.Boost your profits & earn more.

The mission of any business should be long-term profitability – not just revenue.

Here are two ways you can boost your profits in 2021:

  • Get the best prices on everyday materials
  • Reduce the cost of quoting for work


Get the best prices on everyday materials

Construction material prices are likely to increase after the 1st of January due to Brexit. To boost your profits in 2021 you'll need to ensure you are getting the best possible price on everyday hardware, tools, materials and workwear.

If your existing contracts are based on material prices at the beginning of a project, beware of unexpected prices surges.

To avoid the consequence of price increases or material shortages, plan to review existing contracts and seek to build good relationships with suppliers to stay ahead of any changes coming down the line.

To help our members save money, Onlinetradesmen offers a club discount scheme on hardware, consumables, materials, tools and more with our sister company, - we even aim to offer the best value on vehicle insurance, fuel discounts and many more savings too.


Reduce the cost of quoting for work

Correctly calculating the true cost of a job is critical to achieving profitability. However, in order to reduce presale expenses tradesmen often quote for jobs unseen, resulting in project quotes which are too high (to avoid underquoting) or pricing to break even (risking a possible loss).

Costs associated with meeting with prospects who aren't ready to hire or aren't serious about hiring will also impact the profitability of your business.

A cost-effective way to connect with a potential customer when surveying a job is to use video conferencing tools via your phone, tablet or PC.

Customers are very open and comfortable in using technology to engage. For example, after Onlinetradesmen released our very own Video Site Survey Platform in 2020, 70% of jobs posted to our service have subsequently opted into receiving a Video Site Survey from our members.

Using tech to reduce costs associated with survey site visits is a surefire way to increase profits, saving you money and ensuring more time is spent on the tools.




2. Find more of the jobs you love doing.

Working as a tradesman offers both satisfaction and freedom – including the option to work after hours if you prefer or taking on smaller jobs in and around larger projects.

Many tradesmen have found personal fulfilment in their work, that simply can’t be achieved in other professions.

However, keeping yourself motivated and determined is an important factor when running a business, and there is no better way than doing the work you love.

Finding jobs which are a good fit for your business as well as keeping you inspired can be challenging – but that is where Onlinetradesmen can help.

Homeowners post jobs on our site when they’re looking to find a local qualified tradesman. We get thousands of jobs posted every month because of the marketing we do for our members.

These job leads are an opportunity for you to find and select the jobs that best suit you. You also get direct access to homeowner job details (no commissions or leads fees), giving you the opportunity to put your best foot forward and win the work you love doing.

When you win the work you want, in locations which reduce your travel time, you’ll gain greater job satisfaction and more time to focus on the things that matter to you.


3. Get more customer reviews & ratings.

‘74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a business more – ratings and reviews can enhance a tradesman's reputation, credibility and make it easier for potential customers to hire you.

It is also important to have current reviews listed, as the older the rating, the less weight a potential customer will give it. Collecting online reviews will also help your business get found via search engines.

Read our 5 tips on how to build online ratings from satisfied customers.

When you join Onlinetradesmen, you are automatically set up to start receiving online ratings for your business.

You’ll have all the tools you need to get ratings, including an online member profile which includes an area for customers to leave reviews for tradesmen they have hired through the service - so, we've done the hard work for you!


4. Promote your business online.

Many Irish tradesmen still have a poor web presence or no website at all. Tradesmen who can be found online will have a considerable competitive edge over those who can’t.

Tradesmen can significantly grow their businesses, even during a recession, with a website that provides potential customers with information about their qualifications, services and photos of their work plus verified ratings and testimonials from previous customers.

A well-built and optimised website will drive traffic to your business, increasing inquiries and jobs and can be as effective as word-of-mouth referrals for winning business.

When you join Onlinetradesmen, you get a free Website Builder Tool to create your very own .com or .ie website - saving you thousands in website development fees and hosting. 



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