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Tradesmen - Save €3,000 on Petrol and Diesel Costs

Tradesmen - Save €3,000 on Petrol and Diesel Costs

Ok, so most good trade professionals are flat to the boards (literally in some cases) and earning strongly in today's home improvement boom. That's great, but following on from our being a smart builder and tradesman post, its important to keep a firm eye on the bottom line (i.e your profits)

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And with the cost of Petrol and Diesel continuing to increase at  pumps across the country, it's probably time to consider how much getting from customer to customer is actually costing your business. Oh, and once you've done this eye watering exersize, then also try to work out what you can do to reduce these costs!

Don't worry, We've done the hard work for you...

In true Onlinetradesmen style, We've taken the hassle (and calculator) out and done the sums for you. We've also run them by a number of our trusty tradesmen members to get a consensus. The following is what we found out...

How much are Petrol And Diesel costing Tradesmen in Ireland?

Quite a lot as it happens, here are the calculations:

Avg. Tank Size 50 Liters
Current Cost Per Litre €1.45
Average Fills Per Week 2
Annual Fuel Cost €7,540






The results are simply staggering - with an average of over €7,500 per Trade professional per annum going into the coffers of global fuel producers.

But let's also put it into relevant terms for you as a Trade professional - this means (based on an average profit margin of 30% per job) that you actually need to invoice €25,133 per year just to pay for your petrol!

Ouch, ouch, ouch.....

I think We agree, it's time to do something about it....

It stands to reason, if you can do something to cut these costs, then you should. There are no silver bullets save for changing your fleet to a electric vehicles, but this is an expensive proposition. 

At Onlinetradesmen we've done our bit to try to help our member tradesmen here. For starters, We've teamed up with Topaz to give all our members a guaranteed 3 Cents Per Liter off their petrol / diesel. This mounts up, see the table below.

However, the biggest thing that we provide to members is the opportunity to work locally. By providing them with access to local job leads for their trade, we can help them reduce their travel distances by over 50%. That generates all sorts of benefits for tradesmen but also directly cuts their fuel costs. 

Here are the figures for members of Onlinetradesmen:

Guaranteed Member Saving Per Liter (Petrol / Diesel) €0.03
Guaranteed Member Annual Saving (Fuel Card Only) €156
Avg. Fills Per Week Per Member 1.2
Avg. Member Annual Fuel Costs €4,430.40
Avg. Member Annual Saving  €3,109.60






That's a 41% saving per annum - or over €3,100 per vehicle.

Don't you think its time you applied for membership?




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