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CIF Construction Safety Week 2022

CIF Construction Safety Week 2022

CIF Construction Safety Week is an extended edition - see key diary dates and an outline of the program of events.

This year's Construction Safety Week is an extended edition that will run from October 10th to October 28th, giving you more opportunities to get involved, create awareness and drive safely on site.


Lighthouse Club’s 'Help Inside a Hard Hat'

Lighthouse Club’s 'Help Inside a Hard Hat' campaign has kicked off the first week, from 10th to 14th October and promotes a huge range of pro-active support and resources for the construction community, including their 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline. Learn more.


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Water Conservation Clinic

Irish Water has partnered with the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) to call on sustainability representatives in the industry to enrol in their upcoming 'Water Conservation Clinic' on 12th October. The free clinic will offer training and guidance in terms of how businesses can implement sustainable and circular processes at their sites to conserve water. Full details and registration are available here.


Safe Access & Egress

On Monday 17th October advises for safety for work areas with regards to stability, ventilation, fresh air, temperature, and lighting. Recent data from the Health and Safety Authority has identified the top 5 triggers associated with non-fatal injuries in construction over the past 5-years. Visit here for useful downloads on winter readiness and safety guidelines. Learn more


Safe Working At Height

On Wednesday 19th October focuses on 'Safe Working At Height'. All work at height must be adequately planned, risk assessed and organised to avoid, or at least reduce, risks as low as reasonably practicable. Visit for more information & useful downloads.


Safe Control of Hazardous Energies

On Friday 21st October, Safety Week highlights and celebrates the best practice of 'Safe Control of Hazardous Energies. Check out guidance from ESB Networks’ Information on Dial Before You Dig – Digging and Excavation Work and ESB Networks’ Contractor Safety Website: Overhead Wires before undertaking works in the likely vicinity of electrical services. Learn more.


Safety by Example

The CIF has provided guidance to help employers plan and manage work activities safely. On Tuesday, 25th October, 'Safety by Example' kicks off where you can explore the best leadership approaches and useful downloads. Learn more.


Safe Use Of Mobile Equipment

On Thursday, 27th October, the focus is on 'Safe Use Of Mobile Equipment'. Safety legislation requires employers to ensure that machinery is designed, provided, and maintained so as to be safe and without risk to health. For more information and useful downloads click here.

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