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Tips On How to Combat Rising Petrol & Diesel Costs

Tips On How to Combat Rising Petrol & Diesel Costs

Save money and protect your bottom-line with our tips to reduce fuel consumption, .

As we face the highest prices at the pumps for years, here are our top tips for trade professionals who care about their bottom line and looking for ways to save on fuel costs.


Regular Van Maintenance

Keeping your van well maintained, including checks on wheel alignment and brake condition, makes your van safer and more reliable but also helps to reduce fuel use.


Check Tyre Condition & Pressure

Improve fuel consumption with correct tyre tread depth and tyre pressure, as tyres that are 10% below recommended pressure increase fuel consumption by around 2%.

Tyre replacements that are not the correct specification for your van could result in rolling resistance and excess fuel consumption.


Avoid an Idling Engine

Avoid excessive fuel consumption and pollution by switching off your engine when stationary. Many newer vans have an automatic stop/start function – but if this is not a feature of your vehicle, it is still more economical to manually switch off when waiting longer than 30 seconds.


Drive Economically

The less aggressive you are on the accelerator, the more you will save. By reducing your speed, harsh acceleration or braking, drivers save as much as 10% on fuel costs.

Avoid excess drag on your van by limiting the use of roof boxes and racks, plus switching on the air-conditioning when driving at high speeds can save a further 3-5% on fuel consumption.



Save 3 cents at the Pump with Onlinetradesmen 

At Onlinetradesmen, we have done our bit to help our member tradesmen save money on fuel costs by teaming up with Circle K to give all our members a guaranteed 3 cents per litre off their petrol/diesel. Read more on how you can save Save €3,000 on Petrol and Diesel Costs.


Avoid Long Journeys

There is strong demand for Trade Professionals across all cities and counties of Ireland, so there is no reason why any tradesperson should be travelling excessive distances for work.

Here at Onlinetradesmen, we have always maintained that the most profitable use of a trade pros time is work closest to home. If you are wasting time and money travelling long distances quoting for jobs or on jobs won, then it’s time to review your job schedule and start lining up work that doesn’t involve hours of travel.

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