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Construction Job Outlook For Tradesmen & Builders
Kelly Ohlmus

Construction Job Outlook For Tradesmen & Builders

Construction job outlook in Ireland: Discover opportunities and challenges in the sector. Stay informed, adapt to industry trends, and connect with clients through Onlinetradesmen for sustainable growth.

The recent Construction Industry Federation (CIF) Quarter 1 Outlook Survey unveiled fresh statistics which generated interest among self-employed tradespeople and small building contractors in Ireland.

With turnover and employment in the construction sector on the rise, it’s a pivotal moment for those carving out their niche in this robust market. Here’s what you need to know:

Key Takeaways from the CIF Q1 Outlook Survey

Increased Turnover and Employment: This positive trend is creating new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Labour and Material Costs: There’s a significant year-on-year increase, with 68% and 60% of respondents noting higher costs respectively.

Diverse Project Engagement: General building contractors are diversifying their portfolios, while civil engineering contractors invest in infrastructure.

Strong Focus on New Builds: A whopping 80% of housebuilders are prioritizing new construction over renovation.

Forecasted Growth: A 4% increase in overall construction investment is projected for 2024.


Opportunities in the Construction Sector

For the self-employed tradesman, these findings underscore the potential within Ireland’s dynamic construction landscape. The shift in projects, along with increasing investments and policy focus on sustainable development, places tradesmen in an advantageous position. The ongoing growth in residential, non-residential, and civil engineering sectors signals a strong demand for skilled professionals.


Challenges to Brace For

Success in this growing market does not come without its challenges. The survey highlighted several key areas of concern:

Escalating Costs: Rising labour and material costs are pushing up prices on projects.

Skilled Labour Accessibility: 76% of respondents indicated difficulty in finding the right skills.

Profit Margins and Material Costs: Maintaining profitability amidst increasing costs is a challenge for many.


Join the Movement

In light of such a vigorous market, tradesmen who are considering branching out on their own now is the time to act. Onlinetradesmen is your gateway to connect with property owners in need of qualified and reliable trades. Our platform ensures that your services meet the demand where it is most needed.

How to Navigate the Surge

Stay Informed: Keep current with industry trends and updates through reliable sources and a community of qualified professionals.

Leverage Online Resources: Platforms such as Onlinetradesmen offer a wealth of opportunities to connect with clients.

Remain Adaptable: The ability to adapt to diverse construction projects can open new doors.

The construction industry in Ireland is surging, and the CIF Q1 Outlook demonstrates a clear opportunity for growth. By staying informed, adapting to industry shifts, and connecting to a network like Onlinetradesmen, self-employed tradesmen can build a sustainable and profitable future.

Are you ready to harness the power of growth and establish your presence in the construction market? Join Onlinetradesmen to connect with property owners searching for your expertise. 

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