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Coronavirus For Tradesmen and Construction Workers - Advice For Your Business

Coronavirus For Tradesmen and Construction Workers - Advice For Your Business

Here is some advice to help protect your business and income during Covid-19

I happened to visit our local shopping center this lunchtime and was shocked by what I saw. The sense of panic and demand for everyday items in the shops was palpable. 

Given that our Taoiseach had just announced the suspension of all schools and public gatherings due to Coronavirus, it is understandable that people are concerned. However, after the initial panic, it is inevitable that people will realise that life and business will simply have to go on - albeit with some significant changes to our behavior. 

As a business person, you are no doubt wondering how these changes will affect your circumstances and, more importantly, your income. It is realistic to think that some of your jobs will be delayed or cancelled. 

However, the simple fact remains that things will still break in properties and that home owners will still need work done in their homes. 

What can you do to secure your income during this period?

As a Trade Pro here are some suggested things that you can do to help keep your business (and yourself) afloat during this period:

  • Contact your customers for upcoming jobs. Reassure them that you are on track to commence their jobs on time and are following guidelines regarding the virus and have the required PPE/Antibacterials you need to complete them.
  • Ensure you have a secure supply of consumables / hardware for the jobs. Contact your suppliers where needed for assurances.
  • Contact any subbies that you need to work with for the above jobs and check their situation.
  • Contact any main contractors/customers that owe you money now (while they are still working) and ask for settlement to preserve your cashflow
  • Explore other sources of work and jobs leads to make up for any cancellations.
  • Follow the guidelines on CoronaVirus to keep yourself and your families safe.  
  • Be aware that should you fall ill, the Government has increased social welfare to self employed persons and limited the wait time for any claims. 

At Onlinetradesmen we will continue to operate as normal throughout this period to support our members and the sector in general where possible. We will increase efforts to secure work and support for our members. Our business will remain in operation to supply hardware, PPE, Consumables and tools. 

Our hope is that your business will continue through this difficult time. The reality is that life will most certainly return to normal for us all in due course. If we can help you in any way in the meantime please just ask. 

Stay safe. 

Best regards

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