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Tradespeople Growth Opportunity – Home Energy Upgrade Grants

Tradespeople Growth Opportunity – Home Energy Upgrade Grants

Learn about the largest government retrofit scheme worth €8 billion by 2030, aimed at improving energy efficiency in Ireland. Access SEAI grants for home upgrades & upskill opportunities!

The biggest ever government retrofit scheme has been announced, starting at €350 million this year with a total spend of €8 billion by 2030.

The scheme aims to improve energy efficiency in the State with targets set to retrofit 500,000 homes and install 400,000 heats pumps by 2030.

The Home Energy Upgrade Scheme offers homeowners close to half the cost (45-51 per cent) of a deep retrofit that would improve a dwelling’s energy efficiency to a high B2 rating.

Although the focus is on deep retrofits, there will also be 80 per cent of grants available to households who opt for more minor work, such as changing windows, changing external doors, external walls, insulation, installing a heat pump and insulating the attic.


Increased Demand For Home Energy Efficiency Services

This government scheme is a lot more money than previously offered to help homeowners pay to increase their home's energy efficiency.

With more government money in the system, demand for a wide range of services will significantly grow for trades professionals, especially across disciplines like Heating & Plumbing, Insulation, Electrical, Carpentry, Building and BER services.

For homeowners to access a grant, they must use an SEAI registered contractor, and the contractor must also be registered for the type of work they are carrying out.

To become SEAI registered you need to provide:

  • Public and Products Liability Insurance
  • Employer Liability Insurance
  • Provide evidence of qualifications for services you wish to be registered Manufacturer(s) details whose product(s) you are approved to install i.e. Attic Insulation
  • A declaration of insurance

Contractors must be qualified for installing and completing work per the SEAI Domestic Technical Standards and Specifications, the Better Energy Homes Contractor’s Code of Practice, and any other directions and guidelines issued by SEAI from time to time. For more details visit:


An Opportunity to Upskill or Retrain

The government is ramping up training provisions in retrofitting skills for energy efficiency, alongside upskilling, reskilling and apprenticeship supports.

Centres of excellence for retrofit training has been established in Waterford-Wexford and Laois-Offaly Education and Training Boards areas, with three more opening in Limerick-Clare, Mayo-Sligo and Cork areas.

These centres offer industry recognised practical education programmes with online and on-site delivery, including provisions for day, evening and weekend courses.

Courses offered include NZEB Fundamentals (one-day course), NZEB Retrofit (two-day course) and NZEB Ventilation (three-day course).

There are also longer QQI accredited courses, including Thermal Insulation Installation and Construction Skills. These courses typically run from five to eight days and include a formal assessment on completion.

Trade-specific courses for carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, and plasterers, as well as a more detailed programme for site supervisors, can be found here:


Manage Demand For Your Service - Pick & Choose the Work You Want 

With the grants expected to be in place within weeks and the SEAI rolling out a large marketing drive to create awareness, trade professionals who meet the standards set for delivering services will see a sharp increase in inquiries.

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