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Home Energy Upgrades in Ireland: Government-Backed Loan Scheme Launching Early 2024!
Kelly Ohlmus

Home Energy Upgrades in Ireland: Government-Backed Loan Scheme Launching Early 2024!

Discover the government-backed loan scheme in Ireland for home energy upgrades. Get the details on loan amounts, terms, and low-interest rates. Stay ahead of the game as homeowners embrace sustainable improvements.

The Department of Environment has announced the launch of a government-backed low-interest loan scheme aimed at facilitating energy upgrades in homes. This scheme, set to roll out in early 2024, is poised to provide significant financial support to homeowners undertaking sustainable improvements.


Key Highlights:

Loan Amounts and Terms:

Homeowners eligible for Sustainable Energy Agency of Ireland (SEAI) grants will have the opportunity to borrow unsecured funds ranging from €5,000 to €75,000. The loan term extends up to 10 years, offering flexibility to those embarking on energy-efficient home enhancements.


Interest Rates:

The Department of Environment promises "significantly lower" interest rates compared to current market offerings. This reduction is made possible through a government-backed interest rate subsidy supported by funding from the European Investment Bank (EIB).


Application Process:

Prospective borrowers can anticipate the launch of the loan application process in January, facilitated through participating retail lenders. The Green Party's spokesperson expects a streamlined and straightforward application process, minimizing administrative hassles for homeowners.



The loan will be accessible to all homeowners seeking energy upgrades qualifying for SEAI grants. Whether it's a comprehensive deep retrofit or individual upgrades like solar photovoltaic (PV) panels or insulation work, the scheme is open to all, without means testing.


Ministerial Insights:

Minister for the Environment, Eamon Ryan, emphasized the homeowner-centric design of the loans, focusing on simplicity and speed. The goal is to reduce administrative burdens, allowing homeowners to concentrate on making their homes more energy-efficient without the hassle of extensive paperwork.


Pioneering Collaboration:

The scheme marks a first-of-its-kind collaboration between Ireland and the EIB Group. The €500 million initiative will be delivered by the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI) through participating on-lenders. An open call will be announced by the SBCI to invite lenders to participate in this transformative initiative.


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This government-backed loan scheme aims to revolutionise home energy upgrades in Ireland. The application process is expected to launch in early 2024, and tradespeople are encouraged to stay informed as homeowners take advantage of this initiative.

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