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How Qualified Electrician James Finneran Boosted Profits by 30% with Onlinetradesmen
Kelly Ohlmus

How Qualified Electrician James Finneran Boosted Profits by 30% with Onlinetradesmen

Discover how trade professional James Finneran increase his profits by 30% in less than a year with Onlinetradesmen. Gain insights on how he attracted customer referrals, took control of his business, and achieved remarkable ROI.

In 2018, James Finneran encountered difficulties in both attracting and retaining customers, despite his qualifications and the exceptional quality of his services.

He experimented with print and online advertising, as well as various job lead services, all of which yielded disappointing results. These setbacks led to a substantial 20% decrease in his income. This was primarily due to high fees and commissions, as well as receiving job inquiries that did not align with his preferences.

James discovered Onlinetradesmen, an innovative platform that empowers trade professionals to efficiently manage their businesses and seamlessly connect with local clients.

With Onlinetradesmen, James, along with thousands of trade pros across Ireland, gains access to up to €16M in local job leads every month, effectively minimising travel expenses and saving time.

Additionally, automated administrative tasks, exclusive discounts, and an innovative online rating system amplify success by attracting new clients and nurturing repeat and referral business. These tangible benefits result in a significant return on investment (ROI) for trade members on a daily basis.


See how Qualified Electrician, James Finneran increased profits by 30% in less than a year with Onlinetradesmen

  • James joined Onlinetradesmen in 2018
  • Within 1 Year he had increased referrals and repeat business by 60%
  • He enjoyed no commission fees - while other services charged him 20% of his fees
  • James saved on fuel, insurance and more.
  • 10X return on his investment
"I joined Onlinetradesmen in 2018, and it transformed my business. Before that, I was losing 20% of my hard-earned income on job commissions to another platform. Switching to Onlinetradesmen gave me ownership of my customers. The service helped me find work closer to home and empowered me to build lasting relationships with my clients. Today, a whopping 60% of my business comes from repeat and referral customers. If you're a tradesperson looking to take control of your business and establish a strong local presence, Onlinetradesmen is the way to go." James Finneran, Core Electrical



The results were impressive: James achieved a 30% increase in his average profits, thanks to the quality of the leads and the quick conversions. He also enjoyed a 60% rise in customer referrals and repeat business, which boosted his reputation, credibility, and authority in his field. By using Onlinetradesmen, James achieved a remarkable 10X return on his investment.

What sets Onlinetradesmen apart? James says it's a combination of factors. No fees or commissions, direct customer relationships, and an easy-to-use rating system for referrals. Plus, business admin tools, a wide range of job categories, and a network of verified trade professionals. And don't forget the great customer support. Whether your goal is to expand or maintain your business, Onlinetradesmen is the ultimate choice for trade professionals.


James achieved a 60% boost in customer referrals and raised average profit by 30% in under a year. With Onlinetradesmen, he took control of his business, significantly increasing profits. You can too. Schedule a call today!


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