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How to choose the right website address for your business

How to choose the right website address for your business

Choosing the right website address your site is important. Here are tips on how to get started.

If you want to get in front of customers searching on the internet for services like yours, then you need to have the right website address for your business.

Choosing a website address can be a daunting task but we're here to help with tips on how to get started, plus a website deal that can also save you money.


What is a website address?

A website address contains information about the location of the website and is also known as a URL.

A website address can also be known as a domain name, but regardless of how you reference it – the main thing to know is that it’s the unique identifier for your website on the internet.


Get to know your keywords

When considering a website address, you’ll want to think about the types of words or phrases a potential customer might enter into a search engine when searching for a service or business like yours.

These words or phrases are known as keywords and should be used in the content of your website and where possible in your business website address.  Selecting the right keywords will also be beneficial for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Read "SEO for Tradesmen - What is it and why does it matter to Tradesmen?" to find out more.

TIP: Don't base your website address on keywords that are not a fit for your brand.

Here are some website address examples on how keywords have been used by Onlinetradesmen members:

Keywords for your business might also include your location. Here is an Onlinetradesmen member’s example using location in his business website address:

Wordstream's free keyword tool from can help you understand which search terms and the volume of search for keywords related to your business.




Choose an available website address

When choosing a website address, you can only register an address that hasn’t already been taken and is similar to your company or trading name. (You'll also need to supply supporting evidence of your connection to the business when registering your address in Ireland)

If your first choice isn’t available a few tweaks to the name might be all that is needed to get as close to your first choice as possible.

For example, our member Core Electrical will have trouble acquiring the business website address because this address has already been taken – but the choice of coreelectrics or electriciandublin12 might still be available options.



Choosing a website extension

Another consideration when choosing your website address is deciding on a website extension.

A website extension is a notation at the end of a web address that specifies an Internet category (for example .gov or .org) or a country code (for example .uk or .ie).

A .com address is more universally recognised and is particularly relevant for businesses that operate internationally.

However, for businesses that want to attract Irish-based customers and visitors, such as local tradespeople – the best option is a .ie extension. It’s this reason why Onlinetradesmen only registers and manages .ie extensions for its members.  


Points to remember

In summary, when choosing a website address remember the following tips:

  • Consider using words that give potential customers an understanding of what your business is about and the services your offer.
  • Don’t make your website address too long or difficult to remember.
  • If your preferred name is not available, then get creative with different variations. Using hyphens or shuffling the order of the words can provide alternative versions that are available to purchase.
  • Remember a website extension is not as important as the address name. Get your website name right and you’ll be in good shape to start creating a strong online presence, regardless of the extension.


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