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100% Lead Pipe Replacement & Vacant Property Refurbishment Grants

100% Lead Pipe Replacement & Vacant Property Refurbishment Grants

Learn about the extended Lead Replacement Grant Scheme in Ireland, offering up to €5,000 for replacing lead pipes in households. Discover how this initiative plus the vacant property grant creates job opportunities in the renovation sector.

On 20th June 2023, the Domestic Lead Remediation Grant Scheme will be made more accessible to householders.

The key change to the eligibility criteria includes the removal of the means test requirement with 100% of eligible costs now payable up to €5,000.

Previously the grant was means tested with grant aid determined based on gross household income and either 80% or 50% of the approved cost of the works.

The use of lead as a plumbing material was common in buildings built before and during the 1970s. Increasing access to the grant will contribute to removing lead pipes from the drinking water system, which is important for public health.

Changes to the grant scheme are a welcome development for many households, and here at Onlinetradesmen, we will be encouraging homeowners to consider replacing old lead pipes with the support of this funding - increasing jobs for this type of work.

Other changes to the scheme include raising the minimum threshold for expenditure on eligible works to qualify from €200 to €750.


Grants up to €70K to renovate a vacant property.

As of the 1st of May, 2023, the Irish government is offering renovators up to €70,000 to refurbish vacant buildings and to bring abandoned and neglected houses back into use.

The Grant offers up to €50,000 for the refurbishment of a vacant property or up €70,000 if the property is derelict.

The grants went live on July 14th, 2022 applicable to rural areas, but have now been extended to towns and cities. Costs to be covered under the scheme include structural works, roofing, painting, building services and professional fees.

The grants can be combined with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland's Better Energy Home Scheme supports, potentially providing additional financial assistance.

If you're a qualified tradesperson, trade professional or builder – and looking to take advantage of these grants – we can help connect you with potential clients. Learn more.

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