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How Roof Repair Ireland is Succeeding with Onlinetradesmen

How Roof Repair Ireland is Succeeding with Onlinetradesmen

Discover how Onlinetradesmen is helping Roof Repair Ireland’s business grow.

Ivan & Martin Kosterke launched Roof Repair Ireland about 6 months ago and joined Onlinetradesmen three months later. Their business goal is to grow their business across Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford offering roof repair and maintenance well as specialised Velux and sun tunnel services.

Read on to discover how Onlinetradesmen is helping Roof Repair Ireland’s business grow.



What was business like before you became a member of Onlinetradesmen?

Roof Repair Ireland: When we launched the business, we did a bit of advertising to get the word out. We got a few jobs, but found it difficult to get a regular schedule of work flowing.


What problem(s) were you trying to solve when you came looking for a service like Onlinetradesmen?

Roof Repair Ireland: At the time we started our search, we were looking for a service that could give us a consistent stream of quality job leads for our business and the ability to grow our reputation.


3. Where did you start your search?

Roof Repair Ireland: We searched online and Onlinetradesmen popped up in search. Onlinetradesmen was also referred to us when we chatted to another trade professional – so we thought we were on the right track.

We signed up by submitting our details and payment online.


What makes Onlinetradesmen stand out from other options?

Roof Repair Ireland: Unlike other services, Onlinetradesmen keep in regular contact with our business.

Within 24 hours following online sign-up, we were verified, activated and then the membership team followed up by phone to ensure we didn’t have any problems with the service. We’ve never had to chase the team if we had a question or needed help.

You also get the sense that Onlinetradesmen is looking out for our business too. We get invites to webinar events, money-saving offers on tools, materials, insurance etc. and business tips and advice.




5. What was the obstacle that almost prevented you from joining the service?

When we started looking for a service like Onlinetradesmen, we were strapped for cash, so it was a bit of a leap of faith paying for such a service.

However, in just 2 months we are turning a profit and our membership fee has paid for itself. We are now looking to purchase a new company van, and we have recently employed a junior part-timer.


6. What features of the service sold you to join?

Onlinetradesmen also has a good reputation in the market, both with the trade and homeowners alike.

This reputation translates into jobs posted by people who are genuinely looking for a trade professional. For example, when responding to a job, we are more likely to get a response back from a homeowner with the Onlinetradesmen, than with other services.


7. What makes you happiest about working with Onlinetradesmen?

It’s the reliability of the service; knowing that we can log in to the service and there will be at least one job there that will be a fit for us; makes us happy.

We are also delighted to see that we are already getting positive ratings via the service and we are part of a network of verified and qualified professionals.


8. What have you been able to achieve since joining the service?

Since joining we refocused our service offering on smaller maintenance jobs as well as Velux and sun tunnels. This is a sweet spot for us with a higher return.


9. What has exceeded your expectations since working with Onlinetradesmen?

Onlinetradesmen’s platform is really impressive and easy to use. You can choose the job categories and locations as well as request text alerts. There are no commissions or lead fees and you never feel like you are competing unfairly for work – there is no race-to-the-bottom with this service.


10.Was there anything you would’ve done differently?

When we started out, we got a business website set up, but if we had known that our Onlinetradesmen membership included a business website builder tool, we would’ve gone with that option and saved the cash.


11.What would you tell a trade professional who's considering joining the service?

Onlinetradesmen has given us a regular schedule of work and is a great business partner. If you are just starting out and looking to build your reputation, or if you are looking for a service that will provide quality job leads as well as business support, then Onlinetradesmen is the best service in Ireland to get sign-up with.


How Onlinetradesmen Service Works for Trade Professionals

Since 2006, Onlinetradesmen has been the leading Irish marketplace for home improvements. We are the only standards-based service in Ireland connecting homeowners with qualified trade professionals.

With over €16M worth of job leads posted every month, many trade professionals use our platform to find new clients and grow their business, others use it to fill gaps in their schedule.

Members also benefit from a business website, marketing services, e-learning and webinar events plus great business savings on tools, materials, insurance and more. 

Onlinetradesmen rating system helps trade professionals build their reputation and win more work making it easy for homeowners to decide which tradesperson to hire.

Finally, winning work through Onlinetradesmen means more referral business and potential for long-term clients.

If you are a tradesperson who would like to know more about our member benefits, you can contact our membership team on 01-4819351. You can also read about the benefits, savings and apply for membership by visiting

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