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Roofing the Right Way: One Roofer's Journey with Onlinetradesmen
Kelly Ohlmus

Roofing the Right Way: One Roofer's Journey with Onlinetradesmen

Discover how Anthony Gaffney, a roofer and proud member of Onlinetradesmen, found success through hard work and utilising the platform to connect with more customers and manage his business. Read his inspiring story!

When passion meets profession, it's evident. Anthony Gaffney, a roofer and proud member of Onlinetradesmen since September 2022, truly loves his work. His glowing customer ratings tell the tale of his success. But Anthony's journey wasn't always smooth; he had to navigate challenges before reaching the heights he enjoys today.


Seeking Work-Life Balance

Anthony's quest for work-life balance led him to Onlinetradesmen. Wanting to transition from site work to self-employment, he faced the common challenge of finding new customers, especially in a competitive market, like Ireland. His determination to continue doing what he loved drove him to make a change.


Onlinetradesmen: A Platform of Opportunity

Discovering Onlinetradesmen, an online platform connecting homeowners with tradespeople, was a turning point for Anthony. Joining in September 2022, he hoped it would open doors to more potential customers and expand his reach in nearby areas.


Crafting a Strong Online Presence

Initially sceptical about dedicating time to his online profile, Anthony soon realised the value. Establishing a robust business profile and responding personally to job opportunities proved essential. The rating and review system on Onlinetradesmen allowed him to showcase his professionalism and build trust with potential clients.


Streamlining Workflow with Quote2Invoice

Customer satisfaction remains Anthony's priority. Utilising Onlinetradesmen's Quote2Invoice, he found significant results. The transition from a paper-based system not only helped manage customer details efficiently but also accommodated his dyslexia. The automated system saved time, allowing him to focus on enhancing the quality of his work and client communication.


Building Online Credibility with a Website

Onlinetradesmen's platform provided Anthony with tools beyond finance management. The website builder feature enabled him to create his business website effortlessly. Now, he showcases his work portfolio, customer reviews, and contact information, making it easier to direct potential clients to his site through social and email channels.


Onlinetradesmen: A One-Stop Solution Onlinetradesmen: Transforming Businesses

Anthony's success story highlights the platform's benefits - positive reviews, payment tracking, and efficient website building. Onlinetradesmen empowers trade professionals like Anthony to deliver excellent service while managing various aspects of their business.


Join Onlinetradesmen's Community

If you're a trade professional aiming to grow your business and enhance your online presence, Onlinetradesmen's platform is your solution. With a user-friendly interface and tools tailored for tradespeople, it simplifies business management. Join our community today and let us help take your business to new heights!

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