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Streamline Pre-Sales Efforts With Job Post Photos

Streamline Pre-Sales Efforts With Job Post Photos

Optional photo upload with job posts helps to reduce tradesmen's pre-sales efforts and makes it easier to scope the work required.

A picture is worth a thousand words, now, with the new photo upload feature, it's going to be even easier for tradespeople registered with our service to provide accurate and competitive quotes, save time, and enhance communication with homeowners.


More Accurate Quotes

Let's start with the first benefit: more accurate quotes. When a homeowner posts a job with Onlinetradesmen, they now have the option to upload up to 3 photos of the project, giving you a much clearer idea of the work involved. This means you can provide a more accurate quote, based on the exact scope of the job. No more guesswork or estimations based on vague descriptions! By seeing photos of the job, you'll be able to assess the amount of work required, the materials needed, and any potential challenges that may arise. This will help you to provide a more precise and competitive quote, which will ultimately make you stand out from the competition.


Example of repair and maintenance photos submitted to the Onlinetradesmen service by homeowners.


Less Travel Time

Now, let's talk about the second benefit: less travel time. In the past, you may have needed to travel to the homeowner's property to get a good idea of the job at hand. But with the new photo upload feature, you can now get a sense of the project from the comfort of your van or home. By seeing photos of the job, you'll be able to assess the space and any potential obstacles and decide whether you're the right person for the job, before responding. This means you can save time and energy, and only take on jobs that are a good fit for your skills and expertise.


Effortlessly survey job sites remotely with Video Site Survey: Onlinetradesmen's platform allows tradesmen to survey job sites remotely. This platform can be accessed via phone, tablet, or PC, and offers a range of benefits to tradesmen, including reduced pre-sales time, increased on-the-tools earning time, streamlined appointment management, saved money on transport costs and van fuel, and improved productivity by scheduling calls around availability. The Video Site Survey feature is part of the core Onlinetradesmen service and is available to members. Learn more.



Enhanced Communication

Last but not least, let's talk about enhanced communication. As a tradesman, you know how important it is to communicate effectively with homeowners. By seeing photos of the job, you'll be able to have a more detailed conversation about the project and any specific requirements that the homeowner may have. You'll be able to ask more targeted questions and give more precise answers, all based on a visual understanding of the job. This will help you to build a stronger relationship with the homeowner, and ultimately deliver a better service.


So there you have it, folks! Onlinetradesmen's photo upload feature will help members reduce 'pre-sales' efforts and make it easier to scope the work required. By providing more accurate quotes, saving time on travel, and enhancing communication, this feature will make it easier for you to find the best jobs, win more contracts, and ultimately grow your business. If you're not already on Onlinetradesmen, now is the time to sign up and start taking advantage of this amazing new feature. Trust me, you won't regret it!



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