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5 Tips To Finding Your Ideal Customer

5 Tips To Finding Your Ideal Customer

Discover practical advice from trade professionals on identifying ideal customers, setting prices, crafting messages, showing proof, and delivering exceptional service. Find your ideal clients and jobs today!

Taking on the wrong jobs and customers risks wasting valuable time and energy and will lead you on the fast track to stress and exhaustion.

It makes good business sense to be selective about new projects you take on and the clients you work with. 

Here we discuss tips on identifying your ideal customer, plus three trade pro members of our service share their strategies and experience for finding their ideal clients.




1. Know your ideal customers (and where to find them). 

When we are searching for something, we must have an image of the item in mind. It is the same when finding great customers. You must keep your 'ideal customer' in mind. 


Trade Pro Tip: I believe that the ideal client is a client who appreciates your knowledge, skills, and abilities and will be happy with the finished work. Olegs Electrical & Plumbing Engineering 


List what you want your ideal customer to have. For example, ideal income, age, attitude, location, etc.

Then consider responses emotions and feelings. Answer questions like:

•    What are your ideal customer's problems? 
•    What are their frustrations? 
•    What are their aspirations? 

Working to understand the underlying motivations of customers will help you enhance your service. Furthermore, people like it when you pay attention to them and their feelings. So don't just think about yourself or your income think about how you can help your customers.


Trade Pro Tip: Before hiring, a homeowner wants confidence that you will leave their home in better condition than when you found it. I always show them how the job is progressing - I find this is a surefire way to get a happy customer at the end of a job. Eugene Nicholl - Plasterer


2. Know your worth (and price).

It's not just about knowing how much you charge for a service or job; it's also about knowing how much your time is worth. Time is an expensive resource that, once used up, can never be recovered. You never want to waste time. 

If you have proven yourself as a quality builder or trade professional, you will attract quality customers who are willing to pay your worth. So have confidence in your skill and service. 

If you underestimate yourself and believe no one will pay more, you either lack confidence or have yet to prove to the market your worth. Price is the best way to attract the wrong type of customer.


Trade Pro Tip: When first meeting a client face-to-face, let them explain what work they want to be done - let them have their say. Then give them your best advice, explaining how you will do the job. Never price a job when you are only in the door. Only quote when you think the client feels they are in safe hands and the job will be top class. Eugene Nicholl - Plasterer


3. Have a clear message.

Once you have confidence in yourself and know your customers, the next step is to think about a message to attract them. 

Having the right message and communicating it is key to attracting your ideal customer. A message should include:

•    A company value statement and evidence to support that position.
•    A benefit statement, telling your ideal customer what they get from your business.

Your message should look like it was written about them and for them.

Finally, review all your existing online content and photos, and display your message wherever your ideal customer can be found. Read our '5 Online Marketing Ideas' to find out more.

4. Show proof.

There are many reasons why people are looking for builders and trade professionals. It might be to help them realise their dream homes and renovations or for skilled home repairs and maintenance. Whatever their need, they want to hire the best. 

You know you are the best, but they don’t… at least not yet. If all your messaging says you are a 'great trade pro', but you have no evidence, your ideal customer will not believe you. To help them decide you must show them what you can deliver.

The best way to do this is to show before-after photos, videos, and 5-star testimonials from past clients. Remember to keep updating your gallery or portfolio of work and request testimonials from clients. Read our '5 Tips to Get Online Ratings' here.

5. Keep your service promise. 

No matter how good your message is or how many customers you have, if you don’t keep delivering on your promises, customers won't recommend you or even bad-mouth you to others. 

Always deliver on the things that matter most to your ideal customer, keep communication lines open, and resolve any issues or disputes quickly.  Read our 'Customer Service Tips' here.


Trade Pro Tip: Be careful who you work for. I fell into that trap with a cowboy builder and I nearly went down, along with him. Cassidy Plumbing Services


With thousands of potential customers visiting Onlinetradesmen every day looking for qualified trade professionals, we can help you reach your ideal customers and jobs. Whether it’s filling gaps in your schedule, reducing travel time, or increasing business profits - we are here to help.

For a quick chat about the types of jobs in your area register here or schedule a call with our team to learn more.

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