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Tradespeople's Favourite Tools

Tradespeople's Favourite Tools

Discover the must-have tools for builders, carpenters, electricians, and more! Learn which tools are essential for tradespeople and the preferred brands in our 2022 Tool Survey.

Being a tradesperson is one of the toughest jobs there is.

You are on your feet all day, regularly operating in challenging environments, working to deliver on time and budget.

For many in the trade, the tools and brands chosen are important to getting the job done. In our recent trade survey, 357 tradespeople told us which tools they can’t live without.



Tradespeople's Favourite Tools

The Impact Drill wins as a favourite, particularly with many builder and carpenter survey respondents.


The Impact Drill (or driver) is a handheld tool designed to drive screws fast. It can be cordless or corded and spins when a trigger is squeezed.

Many survey respondents explained the Impact Drill appeal:

  • "It is the one tool I use almost daily."
  • "It makes driving screws so simple."
  • "Extremely versatile, many uses."

A Multi-Tool (an oscillating power tool with interchangeable blades and accessories) is also a firm tool of choice for many in the trade, especially electricians, who enjoy its almost endless applications.

“When I first bought it a couple of years ago, I thought what even I would use it for. Quickly found out that it was my go-to tool daily for cutting out boxes in plasterboard (My slab saw quickly found the bin) notching timber in my way, and cutting trunking. It literally does everything and by far the best tool I couldn’t now live without!”.

One builder recommends that the Multi-Tool should be in every tradesperson’s van, “It can be used in various situations and for various materials. It is irreplaceable in flooring when frames and architraves need to be cut. It’s also good to have when replacing the grout.”

As expected, the hammer is favoured by many carpenters. “You couldn't be a good carpenter unless you have a decent hammer. And it's great for making stuff fit!”

The tape or laser measure also scored highly for all in the trade across all disciplines. As one landscaper states, “on-the-job accuracy is essential” and “laser levels don't lie and save a lot of remeasuring and time,” says one carpenter.


Favourite Tools according to trade:

  • Builders & Carpenters: Impact Drill
  • Electricians: Multi-Tool
  • Plumber: Screwdriver or gun
  • Plasterer: Electric Mixer
  • Tiler: Grinder
  • Painter & Decorator: Paint Brush (followed closely by the orbital sander)
  • Landscaper: Tape or laser measure



Favourite Tool Brands (All Trades)

DeWalt is the tool highly rated by our survey respondents. For many, quality, reliability, and value for money are the reasons stated.

Bosch and Makita are also preferred brands for many in the trade. As one carpenter states re Makita, “best designs, last the longest”.


Thanks to all who participate in our 2022 Tool Survey. Congratulations to Electrician Philip Daly, who was randomly selected from the survey respondent's draw, and the winner of the Village Hedge Trimmer with compliments from HandyHardware.

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