Pay Tradesman
Frequently Asked Questions

It's easy. Just follow the steps in the form above. Once complete we compile a neat payment acknowledgement report for you to confirm your submission. The tradesman can also issue an electronic receipt. Great peace of mind in the event of any disputes later.

Well, first off its a much more convenient way to pay.
No cash, no trips to the bank - you can now pay for the job in just a few minutes using a credit or debit card on our secure online platform. The tradesman gets paid instantly and can issue you with an electronic receipt.

Secondly, it adds an unrivalled layer of security for your payment. Why? Well by paying for your project by card you automatically get cover for disputes on the service provided. So, in the event of something going wrong with your project, you can contact your bank to dispute a payment. You will however need hard proof of what you paid for and any shortfalls. This is where we add even more security. By adding the details of your job we provide you with a neat payment record of the project by email. Even better - If you sourced the Tradesman through our service, you can also link the payment to your Job ID to provide a full audit trail of the project from start to finish. Very powerful stuff indeed and you can use the payment record for card disputes, small claims court or any other type of complaints.

Oh, and lastly? It's free for property owners.

It's free for property owners. We charge the Tradesman a small transaction fee to process the payment..

First. we use 2048-Bit SSL to process your payment, so all your entered details are safe.
Second, we use the Global Payments Processor Stripe to process all payments. Stripe are fully PCI compliant and they process all your payment details. We never see or store any of your payment details.

While any payments are made directly between you and your tradesman, OnlineTradesmen will email you a record of your payment once submitted. You may also receive an electronic receipt from the Tradesman you have paid. These details will form the basis for your payment record for any dispute.
Additionally, if you have sourced the Tradesman through OnlineTradesman.ie you will have the extra benefit of being able to access your project request details and a record of the Tradesman response for your dispute case. You can login to check these details here.

In the event of you not having these records you can request copies of the payment acknowledgement record or your project information by going to our contact section and selecting  'Payment Dispute Record' as the reason for your enquiry. 

Please note: All payments and project transactions are solely between you and the contracted Tradesman as per our terms and conditions. All receipts are issued directly from the Tradesman.

The payment is made directly to your Tradesman. We simply provide the facility to make it easy for both parties. All tradesmen using the service have the facility to automatically issue electronic receipts - so please make sure to ask them to turn this feature on. We will provide a payment acknowledgement email for your records only .

We have a significant number of Tradesmen already enrolled and are on-boarding more every day. If you want to pay for your project securely then you can send a prompt to your tradesman to join now by clicking here. 

Please note: We only allow verified Qualified Tradesmen to join Onlinetradesmen. So if your Tradesman can't prove his qualifications, we can't enrol him. But don't worry - there are lots of other services and directories who allow unqualified and unprofessional tradesmen join their ranks :-)

We provide Tradesmen with access to our online payments platform in addition to providing them with work, websites, discounts as part of the core Onlinetradesmen service. Currently only members can avail of the TradeyPay service. To apply to become a member please click here.

Using TradeyPay tradesmen can get extensive benefits for their business in addition to those listed above. First off, it gives the ability to get paid instantly by card once a job is completed or in stage payments. No more chasing money or trips to the bank. Additionally all the security elements that protect the consumer also work for your business - you get a full audit trail of all work completed to defend any disputes later. Additionally all payment records can be easily uploaded to your accounts software, assisting you greatly when it comes to tax time or validating your finances.

To apply to Join Onlinetradesmen please click here.