6 Autumn Jobs To Avoid Costly Home Repairs
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6 Autumn Jobs To Avoid Costly Home Repairs

Low-cost preventive home repair & improvements jobs aimed to keep common repair costs down.

With the cold season fast approaching, autumn is the perfect time to getting these 6 jobs done in and around the home, potentially avoiding inconvenient and costly home repairs.


1. Secure Your Home

Household theft tends to rise when the clocks go back and there are fewer daylight hours.

When a house is burgled, a homeowner is not only left to deal with the cost of property loss along with the inconvenience of replacing locks and fixing broken items, but also the incalculable cost of personal intrusion.

Installing a security system with a licensed Private Security Authority (PSA) contractor is the best way to keep your home safe from intruders and it will be far less expensive than the cost of a burgled home.



2. Clear Blocked Gutters & Repair Roof Damage

Cracked or dislodged roof tiles or damage to roof membranes, increases the potential for rain to get into the home.

Early detection of roof issues could be the difference between repair cost of a few hundred euros to thousands of euros.

Autumn is also a good time to clean out gutters and downpipes, avoiding rainwater build-up that can further damage the interior or exterior of the home.



3. Boiler Service

Servicing a home’s heating system before the cold weather sets in is not only prudent but could also be cost-effective.

Many Plumbing and Heating Specialists offer enticements during the warmer, less busy months for boiler servicing and replacement.

If your heating system does require an upgrade, you'll not only save money on heating your home with a new, more efficient system but replacement during warmer weather is less inconvenient too.



4. Fix Bathroom Mould & Damp

If you have noticed a problem with bathroom mould during the warmer months, then it's likely to only get worse.

During winter, homeowners are less inclined to open a window to prevent condensation build-up, but with good ventilation and a well-installed bathroom fan, a mould problem can be quickly fixed.

If bathroom mould needs to be banished from your home, don’t wait until the problem becomes even more expensive to repair.

An experienced painter and decorator can remove mould and with a range of paints now available, complete with mould inhibitors, you can decorate and prevent mould from ever returning again.



5. Avoid Tree Damage

Autumn and winter tree storm damage can often be avoided by trimming overgrown trees or removing trees that are deemed hazardous.

Removing trees that are growing too close to boundary walls or homes will help prevent costly long-term property damage.

When reducing the volume of a tree’s canopy or removing tree branches near power lines, it is important to only hire qualified professionals for the job.



6. Get Electrics Checked

If your electrics are constantly tripping or you are regularly resetting switching in your fuse box, then it’s time to get your electrics checked by a professional.

Electrical failures or malfunctions are an inconvenience, but an electrical fire can cause loss to property and life and is more common than many homeowners expect.

In Ireland, it is recommended that a Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) is carried out approximately every 10 years in owner-occupied homes by a qualified and registered electrician.


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