Tradesman Member Profile -  Damien Swords, Builder
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Tradesman Member Profile - Damien Swords, Builder

Damien Swords is a Dublin based builder with great advice on delivering a turnkey solution for his happy clients.

'Deliver a quality service, respect your customers requirements and you will never be short of work'

Damien Swords, Builder




OLT: So tell us how long have you been working for yourself, Damien? 
DS: I qualified in 1991 and set up my own company AD Home Improvements 20 years ago. 

OLT: What type of projects/jobs do you undertake at AD Home Improvements? 
DS: We specialize in all aspects of residential home improvements. This includes everything from full renovations, extensions, and attic conversions to kitchen or bathroom renovations, rewiring, plumbing or new heating systems.

OLT: Are there any favourite types of project? 
DS: Our favourite projects are those in which the customer requires us to deliver a turn-key service for all aspects of their work.

OLT: Can imagine there’s great satisfaction in delivering a turn-key service alright.  How do you make sure the customer is satisfied too? 
DS: Our mission on every job is to continue to deliver exceptional quality projects, to continue to strive for the highest possible standards, and most importantly to continue to build the projects that our clients dream of.  

OLT: How do you go about achieving that mission on the job? 
DS:  One of the most important lessons I have learnt is you need to listen to your customer and to commit to the time they deserve, so as to fully understand their requirements.

OLT: Sound advice and I’m sure that stood out to you during the last recession. 
DS: Yes and we have always found that if you deliver a quality service, respect your customer's requirements and stay committed to them over the years you will never be short of work. This was the case during the recession.
OLT: With your 20 years of experience what advice would you give to someone starting out now in the trade? 
DS: Never take on more work than you can handle and show commitment to your customers.

OLT: How has OnlineTradesmen helped your business? 
DS: OnlineTradesmen has been invaluable to us in times when we needed to generate new customers when referrals weren't enough. It also is a great source of independent reviews to which we can refer all our new customers.
OLT: Thanks for your time and sound advice, Damien! 

You can learn more about AD Home Improvements and check out Damien's amazing 5-star ratings here.

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