Before & After: Small Bathroom Renovations To Inspire
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Before & After: Small Bathroom Renovations To Inspire

Are you stuck in a bathroom time warp? Get inspired by real bathroom renovations & discover practical tips to create your spa-like sanctuary. Budget-friendly ideas are included!

Is your bathroom stuck in a time warp? Does the dated decor leave you feeling less than zen as you tackle your morning routine?

If you're ready to transform your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary, you've come to the right place. 

But before you get swept away by Pinterest-worthy inspiration, let's dive into some practical tips gleaned from real bathroom renovations completed by trusted Onlinetradesmen members!



Maximise Functionality, Minimise Expense

Check out this bathroom transformation by DIKA Home Maintenance! The "before" photo shows a dated space with an old bathtub and outdated fixtures. However, the "after" photo reveals a modern and functional bathroom.

Before bathroom renovation before DIKA Project Ireland   After bathroom renovation DIKA Home Maintenance project    Luxury shower head after bathroom renovation DIKA renovation project

Key features of the renovation include:

Walk-in shower: The bulky bathtub was replaced with a sleek walk-in shower equipped with a luxurious rainfall showerhead.

Mixing old with new: The toilet and vanity were repurposed in the new design, providing a cost-effective solution for the client.

Stylish tile flooring: Out went the old flooring, in came new, stylish, and durable tile flooring that is both easy to clean and maintain.

Upgraded lighting: Modern fixtures replaced the old lighting, offering better illumination and creating a more spa-like atmosphere.

This renovation proves that a bathroom makeover doesn't have to break the bank. By incorporating these ideas into your bathroom renovation, you can achieve a stylish and cost-effective transformation.


Small Space, Big Style: Classic Meets Modern

In these before-and-after photos, we see a bathroom renovation carried out by DP Quality Space Ltd.

Before bathroom renovation before DP Quality Space Project   After bathroom renovation DP Quality Space Ltd project   After bathroom renovation DP Quality Space Ltd Walk-in Shower


This renovation transformed a dated bathroom dominated by a bulky jacuzzi tub, maximising space and functionality.

Here's how they achieved this remarkable transformation:

Space Optimisation: The bulky jacuzzi tub was removed, freeing up valuable real estate. This allowed for the repositioning of the toilet in a more convenient location.

Luxurious Walk-In Shower: A stunning walk-in shower now graces the space previously occupied by the toilet, maximising the perceived square footage.

Classic Elegance with Subway Tiles: The timeless appeal of traditional subway tiles adorns the shower walls. 

Victorian Flair with Modern Touches: Luxury-inspired Victorian-style fittings add a touch of timeless elegance and contemporary comfort.

By implementing these strategic design choices, DP Quality Space Ltd. demonstrates how even the most compact bathrooms can be transformed into luxurious and functional sanctuaries.


Stylish Bathroom Upgrade 

O'Donnell Carpentry & Tiling's bathroom upgrade showcases a modern approach to refreshing a space.

Before bathroom renovation O'Donnell Carpentry & Tiling project    After bathroom renovation O'Donnell Carpentry & Tiling project

The original outdated bathroom received a functional and stylish update with the following key features:

Installation of a new vanity: The contemporary yet traditional style vanity offers bench space and storage.

Use of space-saving fixtures: A sleek, larger tub was installed to maximise space.

Smart storage solutions: Built-in storage or shelving was added to optimise the available space.

Incorporation of light colours: Light colours were used to create a larger and more open feel in the small bathroom.

By implementing these design ideas, homeowners looking to renovate their small bathrooms can achieve a stylish and functional space.


A Bright and Modern Bathroom

Take a look at this final project featuring a bathroom renovation carried out by Thomas Quinn, also known as The Good Plumber.

Before small bathroom renovation    After small bathroom renovation

The original bathroom was dated, with worn-out fixtures and finishes. Thomas Quinn undertook a complete transformation, turning the space into a modern bathroom.

Key elements of the renovation include:

Replacement of outdated fixtures: The old toilet, sink, and vanity were swapped out with new, modern fixtures. The new fixtures have a clean and sleek appearance that complements the rest of the bathroom.

Installation of a walk-in shower: Walk-in showers provide more space as their dimensions are not limited by the confines of a shower tray.

Floating vanity: This feature contributes to making the bathroom look more spacious and open.

Improved lighting: The old lighting was upgraded to new, brighter fixtures, enhancing the overall functionality of the bathroom and making it more inviting.

By incorporating some of these design ideas into your bathroom renovation, you can create a space that is both stylish and functional.


Ready to Make Your Dream Bathroom a Reality?

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