Get More Space Without Planning Hassles: Permitted Development Garden Rooms
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Get More Space Without Planning Hassles: Permitted Development Garden Rooms

Discover how a garden room could be the perfect solution – where, in many cases, no complex planning permission is required.

Feeling squeezed in your current home? A garden room might be the perfect solution, and with permitted development, adding one could be simpler than you think! These versatile structures can be used as home offices, hobby spaces, guest rooms, and more – often without needing full planning permission.

Let's answer your key questions about permitted development garden rooms:


1. What is 'permitted development' and does my garden room qualify?

Permitted Development Explained: This refers to certain building projects you can undertake without needing to go through the lengthy planning permission process.

Garden Room Requirements: In Ireland, to qualify for permitted development, your garden room generally needs to:

- Be single-story.
- Have a maximum floor area of 25 square meters.
- Not take up more than half of your garden space.
- Be positioned at the rear or side of your house.
- Remain an outbuilding, not a separate living space.

2. Are there height and design restrictions?

Height Matters: The maximum height is usually 4 meters for a pitched roof and 3 meters for other roof styles. If your garden room will be within 2 meters of your property boundary, then the maximum height is 2.5 meters.

Design Considerations: While there's some design flexibility, consider neighbouring properties when choosing window placement and materials to minimise overlooking and potential glare.




3. Can I insulate, add plumbing, and wire my garden room?

Yes, Make it Comfortable! You can absolutely insulate, add double-glazing, electrical wiring, and even include broadband in your garden room. Think of it as an extension of your home!


4. Can I rent out my garden room?

Keep it as an Outbuilding: To stay within permitted development, your garden room cannot be self-contained living accommodation or be designed for commercial use. Planning permission would be needed for these purposes.

5. How much does a permitted development garden room cost?

Budgeting: Prices vary depending on size, materials, and features. Here's a general idea:

- Flat-pack unit (installed and basic finishes): Starting around €8,500
- Fully-finished garden room (insulation, plumbing, electrics): €15,000 - €22,000+
- Bespoke design (built by a carpenter): Costs vary based on specifications.


Ready to explore your options?

Research: Look into prefabricated garden room suppliers or post a job with Onlinetradesmen to connect with local builders or carpenters.

Check Regulations: Double-check the specific permitted development regulations with your local council. 

Important Note:  *This information is intended as a guide only. For more information on planning law, you should consult your planning authority directly.

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