Bathroom Renovation Trends 2021
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Bathroom Renovation Trends 2021

Discover what bathroom designs are trending with homeowners in 2021 and typical costs to upgrade.

When it comes to renovation projects, investing in a bathroom upgrade is always worthwhile. Upgrading your bathroom not only enhances your home's value but also elevates its aesthetics, adding a touch of luxury that many homeowners appreciate.


Trend 1. Walk-in-showers Installations

Walk-in showers are currently a popular choice among homeowners. These showers typically lack a shower door, allowing easy access to the showering area.

A common walk-in shower setup includes a low-profile shower tray with one end open to the room and a glass screen enclosing the showering area. This design offers a similar aesthetic to a wet room but with simpler installation and lower costs.

Walk-in showers can be accommodated in bathrooms of any size, and many homeowners opt to remove the bath entirely, especially if it's not being used.

Installing a walk-in shower involves fitting a shower tray, screen, and waterproof membranes. The choice of tray depends on the flooring joist configuration and plumbing, with prefabricated trays typically 30mm high and 900mm deep. The width of the tray can vary based on available space. Sonas Bathrooms offers a diverse range of low-profile shower trays in different sizes and colours.




Trend 2: Bathroom Vanities Cabinets Plus Back to Wall Toilets

Floating vanities remain popular for their storage capabilities and space-enhancing qualities. Additionally, sleek vanity units are gaining traction for their stylish appeal in smaller bathrooms. Back-to-wall toilets, with concealed plumbing for a cleaner look, are preferred for their contemporary design, especially in compact bathrooms.


Trend 3: Heritage Radiators and Bathroom Fittings

Many homeowners are incorporating heritage-style bathroom fixtures for a traditional touch. Modern bathroom taps combine vintage aesthetics with water-saving features. Similarly, traditional-style radiators offer classic heat output using modern materials and technology.

Combining timeless design elements like frameless panels and white walls with brass fittings and grey tiles creates a sophisticated bathroom look.




Bathroom Renovation Costs 2021

The cost of a bathroom upgrade without requiring re-plumbing typically starts at €3,500 for a small ensuite. For a family bathroom renovation, budget between €9,000 - €12,000 covering tiling, fixtures, fittings, labour, and VAT.

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