Tradesman Member Profile -  Will Watson, Tiler
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Tradesman Member Profile - Will Watson, Tiler

Will Watson, one of the top-rated tilers, tells us how he has built up those ratings and has great advice for trade pro's starting out.

'My favourite part of the job is at the end, you can look back and be proud of the finish.'

Will Watson, WW Tiling





OLT: Hi Will, So tell us a bit about yourself. 

WW: Hi, my company is called WW Tiling which I started 15 years ago.  I’ve been a tiler since 2003 when I qualified. I’ve 11 years of experience in Ireland and 7 years of experience in Australia.   I emigrated there when the last recession hit until things got back to some sort of normality in Ireland. After 7 years, I was happy to come back home and start from scratch, building up the tiling business. 


OLT: What kind of projects do you do? 

WW: Normally single-site renovation work and domestic work, such as bathroom and kitchen renovations. I would also take on outdoor projects, such as steps or patios. In most jobs, you’re in and out within 2-4 days, so the next challenge is never far away!   I love my work but to be fair when you’re in the trade as long as I am, you really do need to enjoy your work.


OLT: Very true!  What would you say that you enjoy most about your work?  

WW:  My favourite part of the job is at the end, you can look back and be proud of the finish. People are getting more and more creative with ideas and designs, it’s an ever-evolving trade, which keeps things unpredictable. Which I like!  


OLT: Any jobs that stand out? 

WW: I’ve been on some great jobs, such as Dundrum Town Centre when it was first built. Simply because of the sheer scale of the site. The Collingwood FC clubhouse in Melbourne, was another beauty, as we tiled the swimming pool and locker rooms, I was proud of that one!


OLT: We know from your ratings you’ve many happy customers. How do you approach a job to ensure customer satisfaction?

WW: Be honest with people, and share your knowledge as best you can. Be punctual, be clean and tidy in people’s homes and be out straight with pricing.  


OLT: Good advice Will - do you have any further tips for anyone starting out in the trade?

WW: Not to take on too much work at once. You can’t be in two places at once. Keep the jobs list full for 2-3 weeks ahead. The job is more enjoyable when you're not under pressure. 

I would also advise anyone starting off, to find and learn from a reputable tradesman, regardless of the trade you're interested in. I did a 4-year apprenticeship at the beginning and stayed with the same company throughout the apprenticeship, it was a four-man squad, all punctual and top tilers, so you had to be on your game every morning.


OLT:  You’re with Onlinetradesmen for several years. How would you say the service has helped your business?

WW: Onlinetradesmen helped me connect with new customers and builders, who have now become regulars. Through Onlinetradesmen you would regularly meet people in various trades and exchange info. I would regularly need plumbers, plasterers and electricians on jobs, so the more people you know, the better. 


OLT: Great talking to you and learning from you Will, thanks! 

WW:  Thanks Folks!

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