Meet the Expert: Front Porch Extension Advice & Costs
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Meet the Expert: Front Porch Extension Advice & Costs

Laurence Costello from LM Costello Construction Ltd shares front porch project advice, design ideas and typical costs to build.

Are you thinking of adding a front porch extension to your home? Even the smallest of front porches can improve house style, security and even offer protection from the Irish weather.

This month we chat with Onlinetradesmen member Laurence Costello from LM Costello Construction Ltd who shares front porch project advice, design ideas and typical costs to build.


Onlinetradesmen (OLT) What is the point of a front porch?

Laurence: For some homeowners adding a porch can be about improving house curb appeal, but for others, the addition of a porch may be about adding more space or improving a home’s insulation.


OLT: How big can a porch be without planning?

Laurence: A porch will fall within exempt development and won’t require planning permission, provided the porch is at least 2m from the road, the internal area of the porch is not greater than 2 sq. m. and height is not greater than 3m for a flat roof or 4m for pitched roof construction.


OLT: What different porch styles are available?

Laurence: Homeowners have a wide variety of building materials and styles to choose from when seeking to add a porch to their homes. The most popular porch building materials in Ireland include UPVC, glass, wood, brick or a mix of materials to create the perfect porch for any home.

Homeowners can create a fully enclosed porch that creates an extended front entrance to the home entirely or a porch that adds a dual front insulated entrance to a home.

Style options can vary from a fully enclosed lean-to or pitched roof porch to a canopy-style porch which provides shelter as well as added character.


Flat roof canopy front porch

Flat roof canopy front porch 


OLT: What is involved in building a porch?

Laurence: A small-building project like a porch can be deceptive in terms of the work required; when gathering quotes, homeowners should always make sure they are comparing like-for-like pricing for all work required.

Concrete Foundations. Building a porch requires appropriate foundations for stability including a damp-proof course followed by a concrete subfloor. At this point, it’s good to know what type of flooring finish will be applied to ensure that the concrete subfloor is high enough for the flooring choice to be laid on top.

Brickwork. Brickwork for a porch can be full height or styled approximately half of the height of the wall and finished with a glass enclosure or finished with a canopy styled oaked frame. Other porch options exclude brick altogether and may use full-height glass, applying PVC or aluminium framing.

Roofing. Roof style factors into your budget as regardless of a flat, lean-to or pitched roof - guttering, flashing, insulation and ventilation will be required for the project.

Electrical. Any new porch extension will require some form of lighting whether it be external or internal to the structure. Some homeowners may even plan for smart home security features or an additional electrical socket for added convenience.

Flooring. The type of flooring selected will also impact the cost of the project however, for a high traffic area like a front porch, it's recommended to choose a high-quality flooring product.

Plastering and skirting. When building a brick or timber-framed enclosed porch space, a homeowner will expect finishes like plastering and skirting – however, some off-the-shelf porch structures will not require these trades.

Windows & Doors. Depending on the style of the porch, a homeowner may plan for a door or decide on windows plus more. Double glazed doors and windows are required, along with specialised trades for fitting.




OLT: How much does a porch cost?

Laurence: While adding a front porch to the home is still one of the more affordable ways to extend your home, the cost of a porch can vary considerably based on its size, chosen materials and style.

To calculate a rough estimate of building a pitched roof brick porch, the following specs have been applied:

  • 2 sq. metres fully enclosed brick structure
  • 1 x composite front door
  • Tiled roof & gutters
  • Lighting (1 internal, 1 external)
  • Plastering, skirting
  • Laminate wood effect flooring

Approx. €6,500 – €8,500 excluding VAT

For an accurate price for your porch project, contact Laurence direct or request a quote from our network of qualified building and trade professionals.

If the project includes the removal of an existing porch, then the homeowner will also have to factor in approximately a day’s labour and waste removal costs.


OLT: How long does it take to build a porch?

Laurence: For a porch 2 sq. m. - that is exempt from planning – a homeowner should expect between a 1 -2 week building process, providing there are no hold-ups during the building process.

Based in Lucan Co Dublin, Costello Construction Services offers a range of building, renovation, carpentry, insulation services and more for both Private, Residential and Commercial clients.



With attention to every detail, Costello Construction is fully trusted by their customers to deliver projects on time, and to budget and only use fully accredited and reliable sub-contractors for electrical, plumbing and heating project requirements.

To view Costello Construction’s reviews and ratings click here or for a no-obligation quote contact, Laurence direct at 087 906 0052.

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