How much will your electrician cost?
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How much will your electrician cost?

Are you wondering how much an electrician will cost you? Planning and budgeting for common household electrical jobs become easier when you know the likely cost for an electrical repair, installation, or report.

When it comes to electrical repairs, installations, and reports, budgeting can be a daunting task. Knowing what kind of jobs may impact the cost can make planning and budgeting more manageable. This is especially important since costs can often fluctuate depending on the scope of the project.

This is where Onlinetradesmen comes in to provide a solution.

We recently conducted a survey with electricians who are qualified members of our service to determine average costs for common household electrical jobs, as well as more complex tasks such as house rewiring. With this data, we can reveal that prices can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the job at hand.

Keep in mind that while this guide is helpful information on getting the most out of your budget, prices may still vary depending on material costs, labour charges, and unique circumstances surrounding each individual job. Nonetheless, it provides a useful starting point for budgeting and making informed decisions when it comes to hiring electricians and their highly-sought services.


Cost of Electrical Work 2023

For those seeking competitive pricing on common household electrical jobs, having a good idea of what to expect in terms of cost for repairs, installations, or reports is essential for budgeting. Our annual electrician member survey provides a comprehensive breakdown of the cost of an electrician in 2023.

If you’re looking for an electrician in Dublin, the average call-out cost for a qualified professional is about €90 – €120 without VAT, with an hourly rate of around €70 excluding VAT. Other costs such as materials and parts will also contribute to the final cost. 

Alternatively, you may find electricians operating outside Dublin charging hourly rates between €50 – €66 as well other additional fees for parts and materials..

If you require an electrician outside of normal working hours or on weekends, the rate increases by approximately 20%. However, if you have pre-booked an appointment, electricians tend to charge the standard day rate.

For more significant jobs, electricians generally provide a set price that includes labour and materials. Based on the responses, most of our electricians prefer to charge on a per-job basis (53%).

However, a significant portion of electrical members (40%) still prefers to charge hourly, while only a small percentage (13%) prefer to charge daily.

Knowing how much to budget for a solid electrician visit can help keep your peace of mind intact while getting the electrical job sorted out. 

It's important to note that the preferred method of charging may vary depending on the type of job, location, and other factors.

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2023 Electrician Price Guide

To determine the average pricing for electricians, we have conducted a thorough analysis of our members' 2023 pricing survey feedback.

Our research also included thousands of electrical quotes that were provided by property owners from all over the country using our Onlinetradesmen service during 2022. 

It's essential to note that the price ranges given are estimates for labour only, which means that they exclude parts, materials, and VAT.

We believe that this information will be valuable to anyone who is in need of electrical services and looking to budget their expenses accordingly. For an accurate price for your electrical project, request a quote here from our network of qualified Electricians.


Electrician Costs

 Price Range 

 Average Price 

Electrician hourly rate €50-€70 €68
After-hours/emergency rate €120-€130 €110
Call-out fee* €90-€150 €110


*87% of survey respondents charge a call-out fee.


  Install Light Fixtures Costs  

 Price Range 

 Average Price 

Standard fixture (existing wiring) €30-€160 €77
Exterior light fixture (existing wiring) €40-€250 €100
Recessed light fixture €40-€160 €84
New wiring for ceiling light €70-€250 €151
Replace broken light fixture €35-€200 €91


General Electrical Costs

 Price Range 

 Average Price 

Electrical switch €40-€200 €91
Electrical socket €40-€240 €102
Isolation switch €50-€240 €100
Upgrade or replace electrical fuse box €500-€1400 €854
Install home automation €250-€2500 €506
Video doorbell €100-€300 €167
Electric vehicle charging station €250-€1500  €699
Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Detector €65-€240  €135
Electrical Inspection Report €100-€750  €345


Bathroom Electrical Costs

 Price Range 

 Average Price 

Replace electric shower €120-€500 €210
New electric shower €300-€900 €596
Bathroom Fan €85-€240 €138
Bathroom speakers €50-€300 €154


House Rewire Costs

 Price Range 

 Average Price 

2-bed house €3,800-€11,000 €6,931
3-bed house €4,800-€16,000 €8,958
4-bed house €5,800-€19,000 €9,528


Ask The Expert

As many homeowners seek to maximise time spent outside, a popular addition to many Irish gardens is garden lights and external sockets. A member responded to this demand by quoting the cost of installing outdoor electrics which did not get included in the list of survey questions;

  • Garden light €120 per unit
  • External socket €180 per unit

* Prices quoted exclude parts, materials and VAT

Two members clarified the installation process for electrical switches and the heating system in more details.

“Installing an electrical switch is a very broad statement. If a house is a single-story bungalow, with hollow walls and wall chasing is not required, then this job is extremely easy and should only take 1 to 2 hours. If the electrical switch is to be installed downstairs and the concrete wall requires chasing, conduit installed, and floorboards lifted and returned, this job is a bit more difficult and would take around 5 to 6 hours. The difference in price between those jobs at my hourly rate would be €177 + materials and vat for the first example. €434 + materials and vat.”

"The estimated cost  to install a heating system, including heat pump control stats and manifold controllers, is approximately €550 ex VAT."

A few members wished to clarify the concept of a call-out rate:

  • My call-out fee is included in the first hour and then I charge an hourly rate thereafter.
  • Call out fee is charged for the 1st hour whether it is 1 minute or 59 minutes.

Please be advised that the prices quoted serve as estimates only. For an accurate electrical quote in your area, kindly submit your job to receive quotes from qualified professionals in the field.

Looking for quality electrical work at a reasonable price? Onlinetradesmen has you covered when you post an electricial job. Our comprehensive annual survey breaks down 2023 electrician pricing, including hourly rates, call-out fees, and costs for jobs like light fixture installation, fuse box upgrades, and full house rewiring.

Please note, pricing may vary due to material and labor costs, as well as individual job specifications. However, our guide serves as a helpful starting point for budgeting and making informed decisions. With Onlinetradesmen, finding a reliable electrician in your area is easy. Check out our customer reviews and start your journey to electrical excellence today!


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