Home Improvement Trends to Watch Out for in 2017 for Ireland

Home Improvement Trends to Watch Out for in 2017 for Ireland

Here we explore the latest Home Improvement trends that have a chance of becoming widespread in home across Ireland in 2017.

We’re constantly hearing about trends – be it in fashion, coffee, social media or even food. Home improvement is no different. There is a constant flux around colour schemes, home furnishings, home automation and design. Here we explore the latest Home Improvement trends that have a chance of becoming widespread in homes across Ireland in 2017.  


1.    LED Lighting

LED lighting in kitchen

Since we discovered last year that LED lighting not only looked fantastic - but also helped to reduce energy and utility bills by reducing the amount of electricity consumed throughout the house, LED popularity has sky-rocketed. LEDs are outshining traditional lights for modern homes, particularly for people who want to achieve a trendy, environmentally-conscious appearance.

Of course, LEDs have more than just aesthetics and energy savings in their benefits pile - they also have a longer lifespan than most traditional lightbulbs. Once an LED is installed, your bulbs could last for up to twenty years before you have to replace them again. What's more, LEDs are incredibly affordable - which means that you have no excuse to ignore them in 2017. You can discuss the options for your home with one of our qualified electricians here for free.


2.    Solar Panels

solar panels

Ok, this one is not exactly new but there is now more demand than ever for solar panels as Irish homeowners chase reduced expenses and higher BER ratings for the homes. Why? Improving these two areas alone can increase the value of your home and any potential rental yield.

With the lower cost of solar panels and the improved effectiveness of the technology, we’re certain this one is a grower for 2017. You can get a free quote for solar in your home here.


3.    IOT: Home Automation Devices

home automation

Seems like not a day goes by that some Internet Of Things (IoT) company has raised a heap of investment money, sold for some mind-boggling amount or released some new connected device. So it is a trend that will be very much a part of modern homes in 2017 and beyond.

These IoT devices, latterly referred to as home automation devices are popping up in hardware and electronic stores on a daily basis. Whether they allow you to check on home security wherever you are, or to turn on a coffee machine from your phone, we are betting that the average home in 2017 is more merged with technology than ever before.

Depending on the "smart" home system that you choose, you can warm up your bedroom or make sure that the oven is pre-heated for dinner before you arrive back at your house - as well as experience countless other great perks. Automated software can also put a cap on energy usage, to reduce your carbon footprint.

Have a specific home automation project? Get a free quote here.


4.    Open Plan Kitchens

open plan kitchen


We’ve seen a big turn from Irish property owners to creating an open-plan kitchen in their homes in recent months and expect it to continue in 2017. Every renovation show on TV extolls the benefits of an open and spacious living area, and homeowners here are certainly lapping it up. Adding light and removing clutter to this key room in your home not only improves your well-being but will certainly add value to your home.

Creating an open-plan kitchen need not be expensive or elaborate. It can be as simple as removing clutter with innovative storage solutions and hidden drawers and trying out a range of different feature spaces, including ceramic tiles, woodwork, and hanging shelves. At the ‘high-end’ it will involve opening up spaces by removing internal walls or fitting windows.

Get free advice and a quote from our network of qualified kitchen specialists today.  


5.    Natural Bathrooms

natural bathroom

What's better for organic relaxation than a fresh, spacious bathroom brimming with soothing natural colours? Bathroom spaces are going to get a significant amount of focus during 2017, so it's worth getting ahead of the trend if you want to start building on an incredible home design. Stick to design solutions that promote the idea of health and wellness, and choose soft hues over anything that's dark or too bright,

Stripped hardwoods are becoming more popular for showers and bath-tubs, as well as wall panelling and floors, and where space allows, pieces of woodwork can help to draw the beauty of nature indoors - even if you just use a little planted greenery. Get a free quote from one of our bathroom designers now.

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