Stay Safe: How To Protect Your Home from Electrical Fires
Kelly Ohlmus
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Stay Safe: How To Protect Your Home from Electrical Fires

Learn about the top causes of electrical fires, why comprehensive electrical assessments are important, and tips for hiring qualified electricians. Discover how Onlinetradesmen simplifies your fire safety journey. Keep your home safe with knowledge from our guide.

Fire safety is a critical concern for every homeowner, and electrical hazards are among the leading causes of house fires. To ensure your home is protected, it's essential to prioritise proper electrical installations and maintenance.

At Onlinetradesmen, we simplify your fire safety journey by connecting you with qualified and skilled electricians who specialise in keeping your home safe.


Causes of Electrical Fires

Common causes of electrical fires include overloaded circuits, damaged or frayed cords, faulty wiring, malfunctioning appliances, and poor installation practices.

Overloaded circuits can occur when too many devices are plugged into an outlet at once, causing the current to become overloaded and potentially sparking a fire.

Frayed or damaged wires can cause sparks due to arcing, which can ignite nearby combustible materials such as carpeting, furniture, fabric and wood.

Faulty wiring can happen when older buildings are not properly upgraded to meet safety standards for the appliances they house. Poor installation practices can include running extension cords under carpets, stapling them to walls, or using too many for a single area.

Malfunctioning appliances can occur due to wear and tear over time as well as improper use. To prevent this from happening, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when setting up and using electrical appliances.

A Safe Electric registered Electrician understands Ireland’s fire safety regulations. They are well-versed in fire-resistant materials, proper wiring techniques, and the installation of safety devices like smoke detectors and circuit breakers which can interrupt loose electrical connections reducing the risk of electrical fires.


Comprehensive Electrical Assessments

Electrical installations can deteriorate over time due to corrosion, weathering, and changes in electrical codes. This is why a Periodic Inspection report by a registered electrician is important to conduct a thorough assessment of your electrical system, pinpointing potential fire hazards.

By investing in periodic assessments, you can help to ensure your building is safeguarded from the risk of electrical fires and other safety hazards. Plus, you could save yourself money on repairs or replacements caused by faulty wiring and equipment. Don't forget that if you're a landlord, it's important to carry out these checks as part of your legal obligations to tenants.

A periodic inspection report will provide you with detail on the condition of your electrical wiring, installation, and appliances. It will also highlight any potential risks that are identified and if necessary make recommendations for repairs or replacement to ensure safety is maintained. A registered electrician can carry out this assessment using specialist equipment to check for any faults or issues that may be present. This is also an opportunity to check that all electrical wiring installations are up to date and correctly certified.


Smoke Alarm Installations and Replacement

Smoke alarms are an important part of fire safety in the home and should be inspected and tested regularly. As per Irish Standards, four (4) smoke alarms must be installed in the average Irish home.

Smoke alarms should also be replaced at least once every ten years to ensure they are in good working order.

Qualified and registered electricians have the skills and expertise to supply and install smoke alarms correctly. They can also provide advice on where to place the smoke alarm in your home and what type of smoke alarm is most suitable for you.


Tips for Hiring the Right Electrician for the Job

When looking to hire an electrician, ensuring their proper training and Safe Electric certification is crucial. Request evidence of credentials, insurance, and references from past clients. It is also important to verify their familiarity with local electrical codes to guarantee that any work performed will be in compliance.

The good news is Onlinetradesmen verifies all electricians who join our service offering, making it easy for you to compare quotes and hire a verified electrician who is qualified and experienced in their field. post a job today to get connected with an electrician in your area.

By understanding electrical fire safety and taking the necessary precautions, homeowners can ensure that their homes are safe from fires caused by electricity. Taking the time to inspect wiring and appliances, hiring a qualified electrician for any repairs or upgrades, and properly maintaining a smoke alarm is essential for keeping families safe from potential electrical fires.


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