Meet Vladimir Kursis of Kursis Building Services
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Meet Vladimir Kursis of Kursis Building Services

Meet Vladimir Kursis of Kursis Building Services. Specialising in home extensions, renovations, and more, this builder offers services across Dublin, Wexford, Kilkenny, Carlow, and Wicklow. Discover his passion for quality construction and exceptional customer service.

In the world of construction and renovation, it's the expertise and passion of skilled builders that turn dreams into reality.

One such professional making significant strides in the industry is Vladimir Kursis, the founder of Kursis Building Services.

With a rich background in building and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Vladimir has built a reputation for excellence in home extensions, renovations, conversions, and more.

We sat down with Vladimir to learn more about his journey, his favourite projects, and the lessons he's learned along the way.


From Latvia to Ireland: The Journey of a Master Builder

Vladimir Kursis's journey began in Latvia, where he honed his skills at building college, specialising as a steel fitter, carpenter, and site manager. Eighteen years ago, he moved to Ireland and twelve years ago, he established Kursis Building Services.

"The move was challenging but immensely rewarding," Vladimir recalls. "Starting my own company allowed me to bring my vision of quality construction and renovation to life."


Diverse Expertise & Passion for Steelwork

Kursis Building Services offers a wide range of services, including home extensions, renovations, conversions, kitchens, insulation, carpentry, and interior work. Vladimir's favourite part of the job?

Steelwork. "Steelwork is my favourite part of the house extension process," he explains. "From evaluating if a building's structure can support the weight of the beams with a structural engineer, to positioning and welding the beams, it’s a challenging yet satisfying process."


Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

For Vladimir, ensuring customer satisfaction is paramount. "Good and consistent communication is key," he emphasises. "I make sure the client understands what’s happening at every stage of the project.

I also ensure my team takes care of the client's needs, as it can be daunting to have many different faces on-site at any one time." By establishing clear communication channels and regular updates, Vladimir ensures every project runs smoothly.


Memorable Projects and Transformations

One standout project for Vladimir was the renovation of a Victorian residence in Violet Hill, Bray. "The property, situated on the grounds of a mansion, had immense character with high ceilings, gothic-style windows, and stained glass," he recalls.

"We fully renovated the house, including the entrance hall with period tiles, large living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and a mezzanine room. It was an amazing transformation and a pleasure to see the finished result."



Adapting to Market Needs

Vladimir’s career has taught him the importance of adaptability. "I started as a steel fitter but evolved to meet market needs," he says. "Today, there’s a demand for full renovation services, including upgrading homes for energy efficiency.

Our business is fully SEAI registered to meet these needs." This adaptability has been key to the sustained success of Kursis Building Services.


Advice for Aspiring Builders

Vladimir has some sage advice for those starting out in the trade: "It’s a hard job but a rewarding one. Be prepared for hard work, problem-solving, and the ability to adapt as construction practices change. Staying updated with industry trends is crucial."


Partnering with

Since 2017, has been a valuable partner for Kursis Building Services. "I’ve won renovation work and small projects through the service," Vladimir notes. "It’s been a great partner for my business, helping me stay busy and expand my client base."


Have a Project in Mind? Contact Kursis Building Services Today

Running a tight ship, Vladimir ensures every project at Kursis Building Services runs to budget and time. "There’s no job too small or too big," he assures. If you have a project in mind, Vladimir and his team are ready to bring your vision to life.

For quotes and consultations, reach out to Kursis Building Services – a team dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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