New Stone & Soil Levy Expected to Increase Construction Costs
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New Stone & Soil Levy Expected to Increase Construction Costs

A new levy on soil and stone removal from construction sites is expected to raise building costs. Learn how this may affect your renovation or new build project and what you can do to prepare.

A new €10 per tonne levy on soil and stone removed from construction sites is set to come into effect in September, and it could mean higher costs for homeowners and contractors.

The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications introduced the levy to encourage recycling in the construction sector. However, industry representatives argue that the 14-week notice isn't enough time to develop the necessary recycling facilities to avoid the levy.


Potential Impact

The levy is expected to nearly double the cost per truckload of removed soil and stone.

Contractors say this could add thousands of euros to the price of new homes, with estimates ranging from €5,612 per house in a standard development to much higher for larger projects.


What It Means for You


- Be aware of the potential cost increases when planning a renovation or building project.

- Discuss the levy with your chosen contractor upfront and get a clear estimate of how it might affect your project costs.

- Consider potential cost-saving measures, such as using recycled materials where possible (check with your contractor for suitability).

Trade Professionals Offering Building and Renovation Services:

- Stay informed about the levy and how it applies to your projects.

- Communicate openly with your clients about the potential impact on project costs.

Explore ways to minimise the levy's impact, such as:

Partnering with other contractors to share resources and reduce transportation costs.

Investigating the use of recycled materials where suitable and cost-effective.

Communicating with clients about responsible waste management practices to minimise the amount of soil and stone needing disposal.


The Final Word

At the time of writing, the government appears determined to implement this levy by September 1st. While the construction industry is pushing for a delay, it's important to be prepared for the potential cost increases.

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