Meet Dublin Builder Dean Inglis of Apex Attics
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Meet Dublin Builder Dean Inglis of Apex Attics

Discover the origins and journey of Dean Inglis, a master builder in Dublin known for transforming homes into havens. Learn about his approach to customer service and why he is trusted by homeowners across the city.

In the bustling world of Dublin's construction scene, Dean Inglis of Apex Attics is known for transforming ordinary or under-utilised spaces into happy havens for homeowners. Dean's journey in the trade has been nothing short of remarkable. We caught up with this master builder to delve into the inspirations behind his craft, his project highlights, and the secrets to ensuring customer satisfaction.



Origins in the Trade:

Dean's passion for building was kindled by the familial fires of his father, a seasoned builder and developer. At the tender age of 13, he took his first steps into the world of construction, working alongside his father on various projects. By 16, he had embarked on a plastering apprenticeship, laying the foundation for a career that would see him excel in both plastering and construction disciplines.


Crafting Dreams with Dormer Conversions:

While Dean finds satisfaction in all his projects, his heart lies with dormer attic conversions. These transformations, expanding spaces beyond traditional limits, resonate deeply with him. Dean explains that these conversions, with carefully planned windows projecting from the existing roof structure, not only amplify roof space but also infuse it with full headroom and natural light.


Customer Satisfaction, a Personal Commitment:

For Dean, the key to success lies in customer satisfaction. Regular communication, regardless of the project's progress, is his golden rule. Every customer of Apex Attics has, according to Dean, walked away with a positive experience, a fact reflected in their stellar ratings and reviews. Answering calls promptly and maintaining open lines of communication are at the heart of his approach to great customer service.


A Standout Project in Lucan:

Reflecting on his illustrious career, Dean highlights a standout project in Lucan, a high-spec dormer attic conversion. The rooftop retreat, featuring two bedrooms and an ensuite shower room, exemplifies the apex of his craftsmanship.


Apex Attics Dormer Project Sneak Peek.


Lessons Learned and Navigating Challenges:

Dean emphasises the importance of structural integrity in any building project. Drawing from his experiences, he recounts a crucial moment in the Lucan project where he identified a design flaw – the absence of a steel ridge beam. Recognising the potentially catastrophic consequences, he insisted on a revised plan signed off by a structural engineer before proceeding.


Weathering the Storm of Recession:

The global recession posed challenges, but Dean's diversified skill set, including plastering and smaller building jobs, kept his business afloat during tough times.


Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Tradespeople:

Dean's advice for those entering the trade echoes a pragmatic approach. While dreams of wealth may linger, he underscores the importance of proper pricing, understanding the financial pulse of your business, and acquiring basic business knowledge for success.


Onlinetradesmen: A Game-Changer:

Dean acknowledges the role of Onlinetradesmen in bolstering his business. The platform's commitment to only qualified professionals has instilled customer confidence, facilitating quicker business closures.


The Man Behind the Tools:

Outside the construction realm, Dean indulges in his love for motorcycle racing whenever time permits, adding a dash of adrenaline to his life.

With over two decades of experience, Dean Inglis and the Apex Attics team continue to elevate living spaces across the greater Dublin area. For those seeking transformative attic or dormer attic conversions, contact Dean directly at 087-705-0026 or post a job with Onlinetradesmen to connect with qualified and highly-rated professionals in your area. Your dream space awaits transformation with Dean Inglis and Apex Attics at the helm.


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