Meet the Expert: Sun Tunnel Costs & Benefits with Roof Repair Ireland

Meet the Expert: Sun Tunnel Costs & Benefits with Roof Repair Ireland

Is your home lacking natural light? A solution could be to install a sun tunnel. Discover benefits and costs with Roof Repair Ireland.

If there is a part of your home that suffers a lack of natural light, and you are tired of the gloom, then Roof Repair Ireland has a low cost and energy-saving solution.

As more homeowners across Ireland discover the benefits of sun tunnels, Martin & Robbie from Roof Repair Ireland have made sun tunnels a feature of their roof repair and maintenance service offering.

This month we chat with the lads from Roof Repair Ireland, who share with us everything a homeowner needs to know about sun tunnels.


Onlinetradesmen (OLT): What is a sun tunnel?

Roof Repair Ireland: A sun tunnel (also known as a light tunnel, sun tube or sky tunnel) is a way to channel sunlight into a room or hallway. It has a panel that sits discreetly on the outside of a roof and a reflective tube that brings light from the outside and disperses it naturally into the home.


OLT: What is the process of installing a sun tunnel?

Roof Repair Ireland: Installing a sun tunnel involves removing roof tiles and making a hole from the roof to the ceiling.

The tube is then inserted into the hole and a panel on the roof side of the tube attached followed by a light diffuser installed at the ceiling end of the tube.

The whole process takes about 3 hours, but while a sun tunnel is a quick way to transform a room with natural light, installation by a qualified roofing professional is highly recommended, especially as a professional seal is essential to prevent draughts and leaks.




OLT: How much does a sun tunnel cost?

Roof Repair Ireland: There are a few factors that will determine the cost of a sun tunnel installation. These include:

  • A homeowner has a choice of a rigid or flexible tunnel and domed or flat roof panels and prices vary accordingly.
  • Length of the tube required and positioning.
  • The tube's diameter will vary depending on how much light is required for the space. For example, a larger room will require a wider tube compared to a smaller room or stairway landing.
  • Costs will be higher if access is difficult or obstacles in the attic make it more complex to install

With these factors in mind, supply and installation of a Velux sun tunnel start at €1050.




OLT: What are the benefits of a sun tunnel?

Roof Repair Ireland: Sun tunnels are generally quick to install and perfect for getting natural light into hard-to-reach spaces in the home. However, there is a range of other benefits too including:

  • The light from a sun tunnel will help make your home feel more spacious and improves the value of your home
  • Natural light from a sun tunnel helps improve house occupant’s mental health through increased levels of vitamin D and reduces health risks of fluorescent lighting.
  • Natural light filtered via a sun tunnel reduces the need for artificial lighting, saving money as well as reducing the home's carbon footprint


OLT: Do you have any other advice for homeowners?

Roof Repair Ireland: A sun tunnel does the job of providing plenty of natural light in areas of the home where access to natural light is limited.

However, it is diffused light that is being filtered and therefore will never be as good as a direct window to the outdoors.

Sometimes a window is a better option for the homeowner, and that is when we will recommend a skylight, which is directly installed to the roof and comes in a range of sizes and styles.


About Roof Repair Ireland

With over 12 years of experience and Velux certified, Roof Repair Ireland handles all types of roof repair, replacement and construction, including installation of Velux skylights and sun tunnels across Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford.

For a no-obligation install/replacement skylight or sun tunnel quote, you can call Roof Repair Ireland direct on 089 269 4502 or post a job via Onlinetradesmen

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