Top Five Tips to Make Your Home Santa Friendly
Kelly Ohlmus
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Top Five Tips to Make Your Home Santa Friendly

Get your home Santa-ready with these top five tips! Unblock the chimney, silence creaky floorboards, set up a warm space for refreshments, install motion sensor lighting, and maintain your garden. Create a hassle-free environment for Santa this Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays!

It's that time of year again when children around the world are filled with excitement for the most enchanting night of all. But amidst the anticipation, let's not forget the legendary figure himself, Santa Claus. That's why we reached out to skilled tradespeople across Ireland who have kindly shared their top five tips to create a Santa-friendly home this Christmas season. These invaluable suggestions are both budget-friendly and effortless, ensuring a seamless visit from Santa on Christmas Eve. Let's make your home Santa-ready with these simple yet effective ideas!


Top Santa Friendly Tips


1. Unblock & Clean the Chimney - If you have a home with a Chimney, then Santa would love nothing more than to use it to speed up his deliveries. Check that it’s not blocked with a Chimney balloon or similar, and give it a dust down if it’s too dirty to give Santa a clean slide. We understand that Santa hates having a sooty pair of trousers to clean on Christmas morning! And a clean chimney is safer for everybody.

2. Stop creaky floorboards – We have it on good authority that Santa really dislikes squeaky floorboards, in fact he has nightmares that stepping on one might wake kids up! Rest assured; a few simple hacks can help Santa here. If you can identify the squeaky boards, just spray some WD-40 or equivalent onto it to temporarily prevent the squeaking. If you can’t do this, just leave a note down on the offending floorboard saying ‘Stop Santa – Squeaky Floor Here!’ to help him avoid it!

3. Light up windows/balconies – If you don’t have a chimney, it’s a great idea to hang lights on your balcony or around windows to show Santa how to come into your home. He’ll really appreciate that you’ve made it so easy for him on a busy night. You can also leave a magic key securely outside if you want to make sure it’s as easy as possible for him to get in!

4. Clear A Landing pad – Santa’s sleigh can land on even the most tricky and small surfaces, but why not make it easier for him by clearing a landing patch in your garden or balcony? It might just be a case of moving some garden furniture or flower pots. And if you have solar panels on the roof, don’t worry – they make an ideal landing pad for his sleigh.

5. A warm area helps – After travelling in the cold, Santa loves a warm space to enjoy any treats left out for him. To check for a draft in the intended area you can light a candle (always with an adult present) and see if it flickers or blows out. Moving it beside a window or door to identify where the draft is coming from. Fixing it might involve filling or sealing it up to get the space toasty for Santa. And it will save you money this winter. Oh, and remember to put any Santa treats up high so he doesn’t have to compete with pets in your home to get them! Wishing you a safe and happy Christmas!


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