Tradesman Member Profile - Brendan Place - Window Fitter
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Tradesman Member Profile - Brendan Place - Window Fitter

With over 40 years experience, Brendan has good advice for keeping customers happy and building up all important 5* Ratings.

'I have met many wonderful people who brightened up my day and hope I also have had a similar effect.’ 

Brendan Place, The Window Master


OLT: Tell us a bit about yourself Brendan, how long are you in business?
BP:  I learned the trade at the age of 15 back in 1980. So I’ve been in the business for over 40 years and working for myself for 21. 

OLT:  What type of projects do you do?
BP: Window and door replacements including iGlass and locking system upgrades such as energy-rated glazing and multipoint lock security.  I carry out repairs to all systems and profiles of PVCU-Aluminium - Timber and Allu Clad, typical repairs of broken Glass or fogged-up glass, handles and hinges as well as lock mechanisms.  I also specialize in recreating the aesthetics of timber doors in PVCU.

OLT: Do you have a preference for any particular aspect of your work?
BP: I enjoy the variation in the work I’ve done over the years and always keep the emphasis on completing the job to a high standard. I have met many wonderful people who brightened up my day and hope I also have had a similar effect.

OLT: We’ve no doubt you have Brendan! We can see you’ve had lots of happy customers leaving you great Ratings. Have you any tips for ensuring customer satisfaction on a job and getting good ratings?
BP: My approach has remained the same over the years with professionalism and courteous service. It’s also important, to be honest and communicate effectively when discussing and completing projects.

OLT: How did you manage to stay afloat during the recession?
BP: I am thankful that my work's remedial and repair section was still in demand during the recession and I understood the customer's mindset.

OLT: Have you any advice for someone starting out in your trade now?
BP: I would advise someone starting out in the trade to first gain the skills and experience in the window & door business.  My time in the early 80s & 90s proved invaluable in acquiring knowledge and know-how to tackle any type of work presented.

OLT: And finally our last question - how would you say Onlinetradesmen has helped your business?
BP: Onlinetradesmen has been and continues to be a great site to identify and bid for work projects posted by customers.

Thanks, Brendan! 

You can visit Brendan's profile and ratings here

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