Tradesman Member Profile -  Rod Maharg - Architect
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Tradesman Member Profile - Rod Maharg - Architect

Rod Maharg gives us some insight on how he ensures all client projects run smoothly.

'Where we live is one of the most important things in shaping our lives, so we owe it to ourselves to make them the best they can be.’ 

Rod Maharg from Bravo Architects

OLT: So let's get started with the basics, when did you qualify Rod? 
RM: I qualified in 1992 and have been working for myself for 12 years. I am a registered architect and passive house designer with more than 15 years residential design experience.

OLT:  How did you get interested in a career in architecture? 
RM: Well, I think that our homes and where we live is one of the most important things in shaping our lives, so we owe it to ourselves to make them the best they can be.

OLT: Tell us about what type of projects you undertake
RM: I work on residential projects - mainly extensions and single houses. Often the extensions come with alterations to an existing house also. Services I offer include: Architectural Design, Architectural Drawings, Floor Plans, House Extensions, House Plans, New Home Construction, Sustainable Design and Passive House Design.

OLT: Are there any projects that stand out? 
RM: I enjoyed working on a house in Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow, as the clients were lucky enough to have the right orientation (to the south) and some great views, which we tried to get the most of.
I enjoy working on new houses because other than the normal constraints of budget and the brief, there are less limitations to try to find the best spaces that suit the site and the clients.

OLT: What do you think is key to your success? 
RM: Each job starts with a clear statement of fees and schedule of meetings, design deadlines, and an overall timeframe for the work. It is then very important to agree a brief for the work with the client that is written down and kept as a reference that will guide the rest of the project. After that, good communication and listening skills are invaluable.

OLT: You've seen the good and bad times over the years.  How did you manage to get through the recessions?
RM: I worked on whatever job I could, as well as sourcing income from other sources until worked picked up.

OLT: What would be the advice you would give to someone else starting out now in the industry? 
RM: I would advise that they should try to understand the type of work they like the best - residential, commercial, health care - whatever that is, and try to get as much experience in that area as possible.

OLT: Whats the most important lesson you learnt in your career so far?
RM: I would say it is that work should be a process, you should have each stage of your work planned so each stage builds on the last. The right organization for each step of the process is also very important in order to avoid repeating work or other problems.

OLT: How has Onlinetradesmen helped your business? 
RM: Onlinetradesman has given me exposure to people that I would not have had contact with otherwise, and I've brought in projects that have widened my experience.

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