Tradesman Member Profile - James Finneran - Electrician
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Tradesman Member Profile - James Finneran - Electrician

James Finneran from Core Electrical loves his work and with well over twenty 5* Ratings, he clearly knows how to deliver for customers.

'I have the Onlinetradesmen van sticker proudly displayed on my van so the customer knows they’re getting a reputable and qualified tradesman.  '

James Finneran, Core Electrical



OLT: Hi James, tell us a bit about yourself and how long you've been in business. 
JF: I qualified in 2002 and set up my own company in 2013.  

OLT: What type of projects/jobs do you do?
JF: Mostly electrical work in domestic dwellings and light commercial shop units and offices.

OLT: Do you have any preferred projects or types of work?
JF: I love working on domestic projects as it’s nice to make a person's house a home.  I feel a good electrical finish, for example, a nice light fitting or brushed chrome sockets/switches can really give the perfect final touch to a home.  Lighting is a big thing and can really modernise a house. If you have the money it really does make a nice finish to a house.  If budget is an issue, consider spending money on lighting in the hallway, as it makes a great first impression on entering a home.  

OLT: How do you approach a job to ensure customer satisfaction?
JF: I strive to be polite, courteous and professional at all times, on and off the job. People respect honesty, if you're fair with the price, do a good job, you’re pleasant and trustworthy, they’re happy. I put myself in the shoes of the customer.  My customers tell me my communication is very good – I confirm appointments by text and keep in touch to let them I’m on the way.  They may need to collect children from school or have other responsibilities so a little bit of consideration for their day goes a long way.



OLT: You’re in the trade for almost 20 years James, do you have any advice on staying afloat during economic downturns? 
JF: In the last recession, I did my best to offer reduced prices without affecting the quality of craftsmanship, to give value to homeowners. This stood out to me as many of them became long-term customers and have referred me to others.

OLT: What’s the most important lesson you learnt in your career so far?
JF: Always be fair in regards to pricing and always use reputable quality materials. If you use cheap sockets or fittings and they break, it’s a reflection on your workmanship. Better to use high-quality brands to avoid any disappointment for a customer.  

Have you any advice for someone starting out now?
JF: Work hard and soak all the knowledge up like a sponge and if you don’t like it, quit now. Your trade is something you’re going to be doing for 8 – 10 hours a day so you want to enjoy it as much as you can despite the ups and downs.  Always make a good first impression, and treat people like you’d treat your own, it’s as simple as that.

OLT:  How would you sum up what OnlineTradesmen has done for your business?
JF: It has brought me into many homes and businesses and increased my number of customers.  I’m happy that I’ve built up well over 20 ratings for anyone to see on my website.  I have the Onlinetradesmen van sticker proudly displayed on my van alongside my Safe Electric sticker so the customer knows they’re getting a reputable and qualified tradesman.  

Check out Core Electric's website to view his excellent ratings and get in touch with James.




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