Supporting Homeowners & Tradesmen During Covid-19
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Supporting Homeowners & Tradesmen During Covid-19

Reassurance and advice on how to get home improvement work done safely during Covid-19.

The wellbeing of homeowners and trade professionals is of the upmost importance to us.

We also understand that many homeowners maybe very concerned about getting work done in their homes or properties during the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, home repair and maintenance jobs will still be necessary while this all plays out. It's also good to note that hiring trade professionals for outside home improvement work poses the lowest risk to contracting the virus, especially when following social distancing guidelines.


Protecting Homeowners

We want to offer reassurance where we can and also provide details on what we are doing to try to protect homeowners and trade professionals during the Covid-19 period.

We have informed all our Trade members of the need to closely and consistently follow all procedures as advised by the HSE and Government.

While it is up to each member trade professional to adhere to these recommendations, we have made them aware of the need to:

  • Wash their hands properly and more often;
  • Carry the required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), including antibacterials and sanitzers;
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces in and around the working area;
  • Maintain social distancing standards (keeping a space of 2 meters) with work colleagues and clients.

Most importantly, should any of our members display symptoms we have advised them to self-isolate and get a Covid-19 test. Again, it is up to each member to adhere to these recommendations.

It is our hope that our member trade professionals will work with you to protect themselves and the wider community when responding to a job.


How to have emergency work done safely during Covid-19

It is important that when you post a job to provide as much detail and clarity as possible including realistic start dates. You may also be requested to follow up with photos or more information about the job by phone to limit the need for numerous site visits.

Should a tradesman be required inside your home, we also ask that you provide a safe working environment, this includes:

  • Allowing air to circulate in the working area, by keeping windows open
  • Before the tradesman’s arrival, clear furniture or other household items
  • Provide handwashing facilities including soap and paper towel
  • Ensure a distance of more than 2 metres is maintained between the tradesman and all people in the home

If you have a person who is self-isolating or a vulnerable person in the house, be sure to let the trade professional know so they can consider any additional measures before arrival.

Once the trade professional has completed the job and left your home you should disinfect all areas and surfaces.

It is also important that if you or a family member develops Covid-19 symptoms following a tradesman's visit, you let him know so he can take the required precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.


Supporting Our Trade Professionals

Our tradesmen are the heroes who build our walls, fix our plumbing and keep our homes heated and the lights on. They are among the thousands of self-employed business people that will need the publics support to pick themselves up after Covid-19 is defeated.

If you have a job right now that needs doing, we’ve got tradesmen ready to help.


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