Tradesman Member Profile - Noel Gubbins - Handyman
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Tradesman Member Profile - Noel Gubbins - Handyman

Noel Gubbin's friendly manner and wide skill-set as a handyman means he's in demand with homeowners.

OLT: Hi Noel, how long have you been running Tipp Top Tradesmen and what type of work do you do

NG: I finished my training 28 years ago and started working for myself in 2003. I do all types of general maintenance, including plumbing repairs, tiling, painting, decking, stove fitting, roof repairs, and exterior & interior carpentry.

OLT: Do you have any preferred projects or types of work?
NG: At this time of year (springtime)  I love being outside so I enjoy doing anything from building a deck to landscaping a garden. In the winter months, stove fitting and servicing would be my preferred type of work – out of the cold!

OLT: How do you approach a job to ensure customer satisfaction?
NG: I try to customers to engage in all stages of the process whatever I'm doing so they have a better understanding of the job.  Sometimes this can mean the project changes completely, but it keeps them informed and there are no surprises. Sometimes it can even save them money.  I’m also quite a perfectionist so I do all work myself. That way I can be sure that the customer will be happy with the standard and quality of the finished work. 

OLT: How did you get through the last recession?
NG:. The boom had created a lot of demand for tradesmen however not all workmanship was not up to standard, especially in some of the new houses that were built. This meant some work had to be redone and doing good quality work stood to me.  I also joined Onlinetradesmen during the recession, got a lot of work from the service and it’s now my lifeline!

OLT: Have you any advice for someone starting out now?
NG:  Give a fair price, do a good job and give the customer the opportunity to get involved. You’d be surprised how many of them may even pitch in and help on the job!  Customer is also more likely to refer you if they feel you listened to them properly to understand their needs and priorities.

OLT:  You’ve been with Onlinetradesmen for many years Noel. What would you say OnlineTradesmen has done for your business?
NG: The Onlinetradesmen site has been my main source of business throughout all the years since I joined. I do get some referrals but I couldn't manage without you guys, thank you.

OLT: Thank you, Noel!


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