Why a Summer Boiler Service is the Smart Choice
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Why a Summer Boiler Service is the Smart Choice

Don't wait for a winter breakdown! Get your boiler serviced this summer for faster response times, potential savings, and peace of mind.

Summer is a golden opportunity to get your boiler serviced and avoid the winter rush. Not only will you benefit from faster turnaround times, but you might also snag a summer service special!

Imagine this: It's a chilly winter evening, and your boiler decides to take a vacation. With the heating system down, your home becomes uncomfortably cold. On top of that, finding a plumber during peak season can be a struggle.


Don't wait for a winter breakdown! Here's why scheduling a summer boiler service is the smart move:


Faster response times: During the summer months, heating engineers are less busy, so you'll likely experience a quicker response for service or repairs.

Cost savings: Many plumbing companies offer summer specials on boiler servicing.

Peace of mind: Knowing your boiler is in top shape going into winter provides peace of mind and avoids potential emergencies during the coldest months.

Opportunity for upgrades: If your boiler is nearing the end of its lifespan, summer is the perfect time to explore energy-efficient replacements or even grant-aided renewable heating solutions like heat pumps or solar panels.


Tips for keeping your boiler in top condition:


Don't completely switch off your boiler in summer. Opt for a lower setting or turn off the heating function while keeping the hot water functionality active.

Schedule a yearly boiler service. This ensures your boiler operates efficiently and helps identify any minor issues before they become major problems.

Consider an upgrade if your boiler is old. Explore energy-efficient boilers or even renewable heating options for significant cost savings in the long run. Summer boiler service costs typically range from €180 to €220 (excluding parts), with urban areas potentially costing slightly more.


Finding a Qualified Boiler Service Professional:


Safety first! When it comes to gas appliances like boilers, ensuring a qualified professional handles the service is crucial. In Ireland, only a Registered Gas Installer (RGI) can legally perform boiler servicing.

Don't risk unqualified service! connects you with a network of vetted and qualified RGI plumbers in your area. Get free quotes, compare rates, and read customer reviews to find the perfect professional for your boiler service needs.

Take action today and avoid a winter heating nightmare! Schedule your summer boiler service with a trusted RGI through




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