Why a summer boiler service makes good sense
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Why a summer boiler service makes good sense

Summer is a great time to save money along with a faster lead time for boiler service and repairs.

Last Sunday afternoon, hot water in our home ceased to exist. After a quick boiler inspection and it was obvious it wasn’t working and we’d be posting a boiler service job immediately.


Why service your boiler in the summer

Thankfully, it’s the time of year when plumbers, boiler technicians and heating specialists are not so busy and a quick response resulted in hot water being restored later that day. However, if my boiler had failed in cold weather, I doubt the service would have been so swift.

When winter in Ireland strikes, homeowners often discover faults in their heating systems. It is also the time of year when qualified heating specialists will be at their busiest, so it makes good sense to service your boiler during the warmer months.

Greg Power from HeatTech Ltd has a few tips to keep your boiler in top condition, ready for the winter months ahead.

“Many homeowners turn their boiler off and rely on immersion or electric showers during the summer to reduce energy costs. We recommend not turning off the boiler completely, but keeping the boiler on low or turning off the boiler for heating only,” says Power.

Power also recommends scheduling a yearly boiler service and if you have an older boiler, due for replacement, then summer is the perfect time to arrange an upgrade. “Consider an energy efficient boiler or if a complete overall is required, investigate grant-aided renewables, such as solar panel electricity systems also know as photovoltaics (PV), heat pumps or biomass installation.”

Summer boiler service costs

Summer is also a great time to save money as many qualified trade professionals offer summer specials. A general boiler service can take about 1 hour and the price (excluding parts) is approximately €80 - €120. Urban areas like Dublin will be at the more expensive end of the range. Read more on how to avoid getting ripped off for that Boiler service and what to expect.




Choose Tradesmen you can trust

If you do decide to arrange a summer boiler service, always choose a rated and qualified professional. For any work involving gas installation or gas appliances such as boiler servicing, a Registered Gas Installer (RGI) must be contracted. Our handy Tradesmen Guide will tell you more about the required skills and qualifications of plumbers and other trade professionals.


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