5 Things You Didn’t Know About Roof Maintenance & Repair
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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Roof Maintenance & Repair

Discover 5 expert tips from Alpha Roofing to keep your roof in top condition. Learn about attic insulation, roof ventilation, moss removal, roof lifespan, and how to avoid storm chasers.

Out of sight, out of mind is often the silent mantra for homeowners when it comes to prioritising roof maintenance. It’s not until a roof is storm damaged or we experience a ceiling leak that we come to appreciate the role our roof plays in protecting our home, our family, and ourselves.



In Ireland, problems with your roof can be costly, and identifying potential problems is one way to avoid a roofing expense before they occur.

However, there are a few things about roof maintenance and repair that homeowners don’t often know, forget, or miss. Onlinetradesmen member and roofing expert Warren Beattie from Alpha Roofing shares with us 5 things to know about keeping our roof in tip-top condition.


1. Attic Insulation

As we enter into the colder months, good attic insulation is an important factor for roof maintenance, especially if another ‘Beast from the East’ extreme cold snap happens this winter.

“If your roof isn’t properly insulated, melting snow and ice can build up and refreeze preventing water from draining from gutters. The process of ice building up and melting without sufficient drainage can cause damage to tiles, gutters, and the structure of the roof itself,” says Warren. “Insulation helps protect against damage by keeping the heat in your home instead of escaping from your roof”

If you do experience heavy snowfall this winter, be sure to pay attention to any signs that may lead to a roof collapse.

“The weight of a heavy snowstorm can be a real problem on the structural integrity of a roof. If you do happen to experience a severe snowstorm– be sure to check that your house doesn't start showing signs of a sagging ceiling, cracks in masonry, or doors becoming difficult to open or close. These can be signs of defects in the framing, structure, or roof support and you should contact a roofing company immediately,” advises Warren.


2. Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is important to avoid condensation build-up, increasing the likelihood of mildew and mold both in your attic and other areas of the home.

Without regular attic inspections, most homeowners won’t notice a problem until mold or dampness starts creeping into living areas.

Warren advises homeowners to check the attic annually for any issues and act promptly. “If you are seeing wood with dark black staining, or the attic feels excessively hot or you are experiencing wet insulation in the attic, then a lack of ventilation in the roof could be the source of the problem.”

“In many cases, the soffit vents become blocked with insulation which causes the ventilation system to fail. Or it might be that the roof has insufficient ventilation installed,” says Warren.

When all is working well, outside air will pass through the soffit vents and cycle through to the vents at the top, creating a well-ventilated attic. If this system is not working then air can stagnate, increasing humidity and condensation.

“If you don’t see any attic vents in the roof or you have noticed signs of poor attic ventilation then call a professional roofing contractor for advice.”


3. Roof Moss

Excessive roof moss and algae never look great, but did you know that moss build-up could damage the structural integrity of any type of roof?

“Moss holds water, so it’s very important that homeowners don’t allow moss to take hold and build up,” advises Warren. “If moss isn’t left to establish itself, then in many cases it can just be swept away."

“However, if you have a home where moss needs to be killed off, then there are products now available that contain potassium salts of fatty acids, which is a much less toxic and environmentally friendly solution than products that contain substances like zinc sulfate.”

When removing moss, you only need to apply the solution to where the moss is growing and Warren strongly recommends never using high-powered pressure cleaners, which can dislodge or damage tiles and increase the risk of roof leaks.

Cleaning a roof with moss can be a daunting task, so contact a roof cleaning specialist or roofing professional for professional assistance.


4. Roofs Don’t Last Forever

Warren recommends annual roof inspections as part of your roof maintenance regime.

“Maintaining your roof not only requires cleaning gutters and removing debris but also checking for dislodged tiles, ensuring sky-lights aren’t leaking, and inspecting metal flashing or leading”.

“A new roof might be on the cards if your roof is older than 25 years, and you are constantly discovering new leaks, interior water stains, and damp”, says Warren.

“Often a new roof can save you more than the cost of replacement. A new roof will also improve your energy rating, reduce your energy bills, increase property value, and will be more secure. If you are regularly seeking roof repairs then re-roofing will be cheaper in the long run.”



5. Beware of Storm Chasers

After a big storm, it's not uncommon for ‘cowboy’ builders and tradesmen to knock on homeowner’s doors offering a complimentary roof inspection followed by a hard sell and forceful tactics on roofing work required to fix storm damage.

“If you are seeking a quote for roof repair or maintenance and experience a hard sell, stand your ground and be very clear that you are only seeking a quote. Tell them under no circumstance do you want them to start any work and mention you have other tradespeople arriving shortly to also provide you a price. This should keep them at bay,” advises Warren.

“Always allow yourself time to find the right roofing specialist to get the best service for your money. Furthermore, qualified tradespeople will always be able to provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance and references. Do not hesitate to ask for this before starting the job.”

Before hiring and for peace of mind, ask to call or visit homes where evidence of work has been previously completed. Ask how long the job will take, the date of completion, and the terms of payment.

Always make sure you are satisfied with the work before final payment is made. This sample contract is a guide to help you define and agree on the scope of the project, costs, and payment.

Alpha Roofing is a nationwide roofing service, specialising in all roofing work including slating, tiling, flat roof specialist, lead, copper, aluminum works and all repair work. They are leading fitters of Velux windows as well as offering fascia, soffit, and gutter work.

Warren Beattie and his team provide customers with an exceptionally high standard of quality work as evidenced by their Onlinetradesmen ratings.


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