How to choose the best kitchen flooring
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How to choose the best kitchen flooring

Choosing flooring for a renovation, here are a few points to help you along your way.

When renovating or extending a kitchen, choosing the right kitchen flooring for your lifestyle or design objectives can be a challenge for many homeowners. Following are a few points and tips to help you with the process.


Kitchen flooring colour and style

When planning your project and ideally before the project starts, you should have a clear idea of the style, colour and texture you want to include in your kitchen.

Some homeowners will hire an interior design specialist however, if your budget won’t stretch for such a service, then be your own interior designer.

Gather a range of samples including wall paint, kitchen worktop, wall tiles, flooring and even window framing swatches and collate a ‘mood board’ or ‘inspiration board’ which will help you visualise what looks best.


Ask a friend or family member for their thoughts, as a second opinion just might give you a new perspective or help firm up your ideas.


Consider kitchen flooring that fits your lifestyle

Pets, heels and children’s toys can lead to some floor materials wearing considerably quicker than homeowners would otherwise desire. But if you are open to a little wearing, which a bit of home maintenance can fix, then your floor options are endless.

However, if you want low maintenance, seeking warmth underfoot or even planning to install underfloor heating, then careful consideration of flooring materials will be required.


Trending kitchen floor materials

Due to cost considerations, engineered flooring like vinyl or laminate has become popular amongst many property owners.

Hardwood flooring is unique and beautifully textured, but it is more expensive and isn’t as great at dealing with moisture compared to engineered wood.

If you are planning an underfloor heating system (UFH), then ceramic and porcelain are preferred flooring choices. However, advances in engineered wood, laminate and vinyl are materials that will work now too.



Sustainable kitchen flooring options

Many homeowners are choosing sustainable flooring options including cork, or reclaimed wood – but do your homework, as some eco-friendly labelling might not live up to the promise.

When making your sustainable choice, consider its ability to be recycled, if it is manufactured responsibly and its toxicity to the environment.

Bamboo flooring might be touted as sustainable, but many bamboo forests are not being sustainably managed, some flooring variations may have had toxic adhesives (formaldehyde binders) applied and Fair Trade Certification has yet to be the standard.

If you are looking for a mid-century sustainable style, then explore cork flooring. Cork is manufactured from the bark of the cork oak tree, which grows back every few years, is biodegradable and is one of the least expensive flooring options.

My sister has a cork floor; it's lovely and warm underfoot, easy to keep clean, heavy traffic areas and furniture don’t cause tracks and is a great sound insulator which is perfect for her noisy and busy household.


DIY or find a kitchen flooring specialist

For materials like engineered, hardwood or laminate flooring, there are many homeowners who will be able to install them themselves. However, while laying boards is a relatively easy task, completing a professional finish for beading, skirting and thresholds is often the hardest part of the project.

While the cost of laying your own floors will be considerably less, DIY enthusiasts need to consider the cost of hiring tools, the time invested as well as ensuring that wastage is kept to a minimum. These are all hidden costs that are not obvious when reviewing a flooring project.

Ceramic and porcelain tile DIY installation is even more challenging with a high learning curve, not just on mortar mix, layout and laying but also cutting, wall edging, grouting and sealing. Most homeowners will be able to master laying tiles – but accomplishing an expert finish is a job for professionals.

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