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At Onlinetradesmen we are delighted to recognise the truly great businesses that supply & support Irish tradespeople across Ireland everyday - and who better to ask about which suppliers are the greatest? Only the 25,000+ registered tradesmen, builders and tradespeople across Ireland on our service. The Onlinetradesmen Best In Trade Awards are the only truly independent awards, as voted by the Irish trade.

In addition to recognising the greatest suppliers to the Trade - - These awards provide Tradespeople with the best suppliers to deal with across Ireland. As voted for by the trade.

Best Van Award 2024

Best Van Award 2024

In the busy world of Irish trade professionals, the choice of a commercial work van plays a crucial role in ensuring efficiency, reliability, and overall business success.

To give you a helping hand in your next work van choice, 3522 trade professionals from the Onlinetradesmen community answered the call across Ireland to uncover the top choices and reasons behind their preferred commercial work vans. Buckle up as we dive into the fascinating world of the best-in-trade commercial work vans.


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best work van winner

The Best-in-Trade Winner: Ford Transit

The overall winner emerges with a resounding endorsement—the Ford Transit. This iconic van brand not only secured the top spot across various trades but also earned the highest overall rating of 4.4/5.

Ford Transit's triumph can be attributed to its exceptional performance in critical attributes such as reliability, storage capacity, and manoeuvrability. Tradesmen, spanning from builders to electricians, overwhelmingly praised the Transit for its unwavering dependability, ample storage space that accommodates the diverse needs of trades, and a nimble design that manoeuvres seamlessly through the challenging terrains of their respective professions.

A Plumber on Ford Transit: "It has plenty of storage space as I only do plumbing repairs and replace old for new. I carry a lot of spares which my Transit has plenty of space to do so."


best work van runner up

The Best-In-Trade Runner-Up: Volkswagen Transporter

While the Ford Transit claims the overall victory, Volkswagen emerges as a strong contender, securing a notable second place in the hearts of Irish trade professionals. With an impressive average rating of 4.2/5, Volkswagen's Transporter and Caddy Cargo models have garnered widespread appreciation.

Trades such as builders, carpenters, and landscapers consistently highlight the Transporter's German build quality, reliability, and commendable resale value. The Caddy Cargo, on the other hand, is celebrated for its toughness, efficient fuel economy, and compact yet versatile design.

Volkswagen's success is closely linked to its commitment to providing not just vehicles, but reliable partners that seamlessly integrate into the demanding world of trades. The brand's consistent performance across attributes like fuel efficiency, manoeuvrability, and overall reliability has cemented its status as a trusted choice for a diverse range of trade professionals in Ireland.

Whether navigating urban construction sites or enduring the rugged conditions of landscaping projects, Volkswagen's vans have proven to be robust, dependable, and worthy companions in the daily grind of the Irish trades.

A Tiler on VW Vans: "VW vans are dipped 3 times in zinc to stop rust taking hold & rotting inside out. Their handling is superb & their engines are bulletproof."


best work van highly commended

Best in Trade: Commended Van Models

Our survey uncovered a range of exceptional van models that deserve recognition for their ability to meet the diverse needs and preferences of different trades.

Toyota Proace and Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro have gained popularity across various trades, offering reliability, efficiency, and impressive overall performance.

For those looking for a touch of style and versatility, Mercedes-Benz eVito stands out with its sleek design.

Peugeot Partner and Renault Trafic Van have also received positive feedback in different categories. Remember to consider your specific trade requirements and personal preferences when choosing the ideal commercial vehicle.

Based on the feedback provided, here is a summary and analysis of the top 5 van brands and models

Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro: Overall, the Vivaro received favourable ratings in terms of economy and access. Users appreciate its economical features, spacious interior, and easy access.

Toyota Proace: The Proace received consistently high ratings across all criteria, emphasising reliability and Toyota's brand reputation. Users highlighted its reliability, fuel efficiency, and Toyota's reputation for building reliable vehicles.

Peugeot Partner: The Partner received positive ratings, particularly in fuel economy, maneuverability, and overall running costs. Users found it reliable and suitable for their needs as builders.

Mercedes-Benz eVito Panel Van: The eVito received high marks in the safety, stylish design and versatility. Users appreciate its stylish appearance, versatility, and great look for both commercial and private use.

Renault Trafic Van: The Trafic Van received positive ratings, particularly for reliability, fuel economy, and overall performance. Users have been driving Trafic vans for many years and find them to be reliable, economical, and smooth.


Survey Insights: Best-in-Trade Work Vans

Our survey engaged a diverse group of trade professionals, providing a snapshot of the preferences and experiences that shape their daily work on the road.


Top 3 Vans by Trade:


1.Ford Transit:

  • Preferred by Builders
  • Stats: Overall Rating - 4.2/5
  • Member Feedback: "Reliable workhorse. It's been with me through thick and thin, never letting me down on the toughest job sites."

2. Volkswagen Transporter:

  • Preferred by Electricians
  • Stats: Overall Rating - 4.3/5
  • Member Feedback: "The Transporter is like a reliable colleague. It's seen me through countless projects, never failing to impress with its performance."

3. Toyota Proace:

  • Preferred by Painters & Decorators
  • Stats: Overall Rating - 4.9/5
  • Member Feedback: "The Proace is more than a van; it's a mobile studio. Comfortable, efficient to run.”


Trade Insights:

Builders and the Ford Transit: Builders across Ireland favour the Ford Transit for its robust attributes. Feedback highlights its reliability, spacious storage, and its ability to handle the toughest construction sites.

Electricians and the Volkswagen Transporter: Electricians find a loyal companion in the Volkswagen Transporter. With an overall rating of 4.3/5, members praise its consistent performance and its ability to keep up with the demands of electrical work.

Painters & Decorators and the Toyota Proace: Painters & Decorators express their artistic flair on the road with the Toyota Proace. Boasting a near-perfect rating of 4.9/5, it's not just a van but a creative space that delivers on all fronts.


Choosing the Right Van: Trade Insights

We want to express our thanks to all the Irish trade professionals who participated in our survey. Your valuable insights have greatly influenced our "Best-in-Trade Commercial Work Vans" report, highlighting the strengths and preferences within the commercial van market.

Big congratulations to Cork-based, Dritan Krasniqi from DSL Masonary, the winner of the Makita Drill. Stay tuned for more best-in-trade updates as you navigate the Irish trade industry. Let insights from fellow professionals guide you to the very best solutions that suit your needs and business.



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